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FTR #801 The Sportin’ Life

With much of the human race foaming at the mouth over the World Cup competition currently underway in Brazil, we pause to note the profound connections between the world of sport, international fascism and organized crime. After highlighting fascist soccer fans in attendance in Brazil, the program notes the cesspool that is the International Olympic Committee, imprinted with fascist participation by Juan Antonio Samaranch, Francisco Franco’s former Minister of Sport. The 1972 Olympics massacre in Munich featured possible complicity by elements of the German government and the Underground Reich. The program concludes by looking at American organized crime links to the milieu of the NFL and the probable Mob fixing of Bobby Riggs and Billie Jean King’s “Battle of the Sexes.”

Billie Sol Estes Checks Out; Rest in Peace, Gaeton Fonzi

Mr. Emory’s political odyssey began with investigation of the assassination of President Kennedy. We note the passing of two people who link to the milieu surrounding the investigation. Gaeton Fonzi was a dogged investigator for the House Select Committee on Assassinations. One of many crooked associates of LBJ, Billie Sol Estes was the focal point of some very “interesting” investigations himself.

‘Roid Rage: The Bosches, the Bushes and Sports Doping

The Bush family has been very, very close to the anti-Castro Cuban exile community for decades, including and especially the late Orlando Bosch, head of the CORU organization. Now, it emerges that a relative of Orlando Bosch heads the Biogenesis firm, under investigation for allegedly providing performance-enhancing drugs to professional athletes.

FTR #712 Interview (#2) with Russ Baker, Author of “Family of Secrets”

George H.W. Bush apparently deeply involved with JFK assassination; in Dallas at the time, he’s never satisfactorily accounted for his activities; he was very close to Dallas power political elements that removed Kennedy (many of them apparently CIA); Poppy’s attempts at covering his tracks suggest culpability in the murder.

FTR #711 Interview (#1) with Russ Baker, Author of “Family of Secrets”

Bush family’s history and fortunes profoundly linked to Wall Street, the petroleum industry and the intelligence community; “Poppy” Bush’s Zapata Petroleum an apparent intelligence front; Poppy apparently deeply involved with the JFK assassination.

Destiny Betrayed: J.F.K., Cuba, and the Garrison Case

by James Di Eugenio

AFA 10-13: The Aryan Nations

U.S. far-right, extremist and mainstream overlap; past U.S. coup attempts; fifth column subversion; collusion with U.S. and foreign governments and business.

FTR #363 Operation Northwoods

CIA and Joint Chiefs of Staff plotted terror attacks on the U.S. to force JFK to invade Cuba.