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“Thrive”: Counter-Culture Fascism in Cinema

The cult film “Thrive,” proves that “anti-Semitism is the socialism of fools” by fusing New Age mysticism and cult “free-energy” mythology with Old Age anti-Semitic ideology, pinning the world’s troubles on the Rothschilds and Jewish control of the financial industry.

Free advice for a multimillionaire

The US national discourse took a sharp turn towards divisive racial and religious politics yesterday. Well, more than usual.

Did Subas Chandra Bose Survive the Second World War?

Allied first with Gandhi and then with Hitler and the Japanese, Subhas Chandra Bose may not have died in 1945. What connection might he have had to the Ananda Marga cult?

Japanese Build and Demonstrate Small, Spherical Flying Machine

Japanese engineers build workable spherical flying machine for $1,400.00 U.S. What could a major aerospace corporation and/or nation do?

Who owns Bergen County, NJ-based beverage?

The vast Moon Organization’s dominance in food distribution continues to surprise.

FTR #745 WikiFascism, Part 2

WikiLeaks’ resident fascist Jermas/Shamir pivotally involved with establishing WikiLeaks in Sweden; Julian Assange a compulsive Jew-baiter with a Darwinian, eugenics philosophy. Enlisting a mysterious “nanny” to run important functions for WikiLeaks, Assange may well be part of the Santikinetan Park cult.

FTR #724 Wiki of the Damned

WikiLeaks kingpin Assange appears connected to powerful mind-control cult; Australian intelligence involved with the cult? Members die their hair blonde, have multiple identities, passports, birthdates. Possible Third Position orientation of the group.

FTR #643 Miscellaneous Articles and Updates

Long-standing effort by neo-fascists to acquire “specialized knowledge and abilities,” military, law-enforcement and espionage proficiency; UFO devices developed by humans, not space aliens.

FTR #639 The Aliens Are Coming! The Aliens Are Coming – NOT! (Part II)

The reported presence of military aircraft around the “UFO’s” sighted recently in Texas; review of the opinion that ET’s are real and that we may find ourselves in an intergalactic war– expressed by the former head of the British Ministry of Defense’s UFO investigative body!

Repost: FTR #69 Even MORE Fun With Science: Earthquake Weaponry

United States and USSR researched the manipulation of natural disasters, including earthquakes, as weapons of mass destruction.