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FTR #977 Operation Mind Control, Part 4: Subverting the Political Will, Part 2

Continuing our examination of the intelligence community’s mind control programs, this broadcast recaps research into Jonestown. Specifically, we examine Jonestown as a probable intelligence front and extension of the CIA’s mind control efforts.

This, in turn, is against the background of indications that Julian Assange’s roots are in the Santiniketan Park Association, as well as Bernie Sanders’ associate Tulsi Gabbard, who is deeply involved with an offshoot of the Hare Krishna cult.

The program begins with a talk given by Joe Holsinger, a legislative aide to the late Representative Leo Ryan.

Mr. Holsinger made a number of points about apparent intelligence community links to Jonestown, indicating that Jonestown may well have been an “op,” with a number of facets.

Holsinger made a number of points in his presentation, including:

1.-Richard Dwyer, alleged to be CIA station chief in Guyana by credible sources was very close to Jones, who could be heard shouting “Get Dwyer out of here” in a recording made in the immediate run-up to the Jonestown massacre.
2.-George Philip Blakey, a CIA operative previously involved with UNITA in Angola, made the initial down payment on the Guyana property that became Jonestown.
3.-Blakey is the husband of Debbie Layton Blakey, whose brother Larry Layton, Jr. led the shooter squad at the Port Kaituma air strip. Lawrence Layton Sr., the father of Debbie and Larry Jr., had been chief of the Chemical Warfare  Research program at Dugway Proving Grounds in Utah. Layton, Sr. and his wife Lisa were also members of the People’s Temple.
4.-There were credible accounts of the Jonestown population being used to prop up the Guyanese government.
5.-Representative Leo Ryan was co-author of the Hughes-Ryan amendment that obliged the CIA to give Congress prior notice of covert operations. If Jonestown was a CIA operation, it would have violated the Hughes-Ryan amendment. Ryan’s assassination at the Port Kaituma airstrip sent an unambiguous message agency critics.
6.-Members of the People’s Temple at Jonestown had medical checks every day, indicating that some form of experimentation may have been going on.
7.-Comparatively few of the victims actually drank the poisoned Kool Aid. Many were shot to death and others had been killed by lethal injections administered in their arms.
8.-After several days of officialdom saying that several hundred victims had been found and hundreds of others were missing, the “missing” Jonestown population were said to have been found under the first group of victims, a highly unlikely scenario.

Program Highlights Include: 

1.-People’s Temple attorney Mark Lane’s attempts to get Grace Stephens–a key witness in the assassination of Martin Luther King–to Jonestown, where she would have died in the massacre.
2.-Mark Lane’s dual roles as attorney for People’s Temple (which he maintained was a “paradise on earth”) and the attorney for James Earl Ray, the patsy for the assassination of Martin Luther King. Lane’s [correct] assertion that Ray was innocent was badly tainted after the Jonestown massacre took place.
3.-Lawrence Layton’s marriage into the Philip family, whose German roots extended back to I.G. Farben and Siemens.
4.-Lawrence Layton’s work on the Manhattan Project.
5.-Orders from “high up” that all politically sensitive papers and identification were removed from the bodies at Jonestown.
6.-The fact that many of the bodies had identification tags on them.
7.-Zbigniew Brezinski aide Robert Pastor’s giving of the order to strip the bodies of identification.
8.-The suspicious suicide of Anita Philip, the wife of I.G. Farben lawyer Hugo Philip.

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