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Germany and the Fragmenting of the United Kingdom

So-called “progressive” elements within the EU are advancing the German agenda of working to fragment larger nations. In addition to the Greens, the European Free Alliance is moving to redraw the map of Europe, with a greatly expanded Germany. German NGO’s are supporting the secession of parts of the United Kingdom. Some of those same NGO’s have also been supportive of terrorist/Muslim Brotherhood elements during the so-called Arab Spring.

Austerity as a Vehicle for Breaking Up Nations

Over the years, we have covered the Hapsburg/Thyssen UNPO and its championing of ethnic minorities as a vehicle for breaking up large nations into smaller, more pliable states. Using the human suffering and social dislocation brought about by its “austerity” program to fragment large nations, Germany is actively supporting the secession of Catalonia from Spain and, in cooperation its Austrian partner, the South Tyrol from Italy. Manifesting what, for lack of a better term, might be called “ethnic imperialism,” Germany is using far-right, neo-Nazi elements as foot soldiers to assist the vertriebene groups in promoting the secession of German-speaking minorities in Poland and other parts of Eastern Europe. Targeting China, Germany continues its equivocal support for individuals and ethnic groups seeking to fragment that nation. As we have seen in past discussion, the United States is also targeted for Balkanization and subversion.

German Neo-Nazis Embracing Third Reich’s “Green” Policies

German neo-Nazis going green. Third Reich had a similar orientation. Might the “eco-fascists” of the contemporary German political scene be able to attract the young or naive to their political agenda?

FTR #727 Whither China?

Nobel Peace Prize Winner Liu Xiaobo seeks return to China’s past; foregoing most reforms of the past century, China would surrender its position on the world stage; Liu doing the bid of China’s exporting rival Germany.

Mongolian neo-Nazis? Yup!

Comment: Illustrating the diverse appeal of the National Socialist philosophy, Mongolia is experiencing an upsurge in neo-Nazi activity, as a derivative of anti-Chinese sentiment. One can but wonder what links these elements may have to the Dalai Lama’s fascist/Nazi associates and history, as well as the use of Muslim-Brotherhood Uighur elements to agitate for the […]

Convicted in China, U.S. Geologist Worked for Thyssen/”Peak Oil” Firm

Comment: The coverage of China’s sentencing of a U.S. Geologist to eight years in prison has not stressed the fact that Xue Feng worked for IHS, Inc–a firm specializing in analysis of the petroleum industry and the epicenter of the “Peak Oil” hypothesis. A subsidiary of Thyssen/Bornemisza industries, IHS provides analysis derived from data submitted […]

German Ethnic Policy Recapitulates Hitler’s Doctrine

Comment: The policy that the “New” Germany is pursuing vis a vis German-speaking minorities is very similar to the foreign policy gambit effectively crafted by the Third Reich in order to justify its war of aggression. Claiming “persecution” of German-speaking minorities in neighboring countries, they initiated military action in order to realize territorial hegemony–this [ostensibly] […]

Broad New Hacking Attack, Command Center in Germany

Comment: a “broad” new hacking attack, involving China but centered in Germany, has penetrated the databases of numerous corporations. In FTR #699, we examined German anxiety about U.S. coziness with China. Following the hacking attack (earlier this year) on Google, among other firms, relations between the U.S. and China became strained. Obama is now meeting […]

FTR #699 Miscellaneous Articles and Updates

Anti-Semitic GOP bigwig shepherding Sarah Palin around Washington; McVeigh mentor working with Alaskan secessionists; Germany doesn’t like US coziness with China and Underground Reich elements working to subvert that relationship; British fascist represents EU Parliament at Copenhagen talks.

FTR #676 Sedition! (Part 2): Target, America!

Wall Street Journal featuring advocacy for the dissolution of the US; Reagan administration veterans pushing this viewpoint; Will a Nazi “corporacracy” dominate the “leftovers”?