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Surprise, Surprise! BND Spies on the United States

It comes as no surprise to knowledgeable observers that the BND, the German foreign intelligence service born of the Reinhard Gehlen Nazi spy outfit from World War II, is spying on the United States. A BND signals intelligence organization called RAHAB spies on the United States, as well as the SWIFT network, used to track terrorist funding. Interestingly and significantly, in the dustup following Eddie the Friendly Spook’s revelations, Germany has threatened to suspend the SWIFT program.

Too Much of a Good Thing? Part 2: A Secret Trilogue and Business as Usual

With last week’s blizzard of Snowden leaks on NSA spying in the EU hitting the news, the EU parliament overwhelmingly passed a draft set of new EU data privacy rules with a fast-tracked time frame of implementation by mid April 2014. But, in a surprising twist, the David Cameron just managed to do away with the fast tracking, arguing that the proposed rules would be an onerous burden on businesses. So the new EU data privacy rules are still coming, but not for at least another year and presumably with a lot of changes. Those aren’t the only changes that may be coming to the internet.

Snowden’s Ride, Part 12: The Gruppenhobbit, the Deep Fifth Column and the Underground Reich

In this post, we examine the circumstances, personal history and political and professional antecedents of Alex Karp (pictured at right), the CEO of Palantir, whom we nickname “The Gruppenhobbit.” The dominant influence on Karp is the famous philosopher Juergen Habermas, an ostensible leftist whose intellectual antecedents are Nazi. The young Habermas was in the Hitler Youth and the Wehrmacht. Habermas was director of the Max Planck Institute for 12 years. That institution was the renamed Kaiser Wilhelm Institute, a fount of Nazi science and the epicenter of Josef Mengele’s Auschwitz research.

Too Much of a Good Thing? The New EU Data Privacy Rules Have a Transparency Problem

There are some big changes headed towards the internet but we don’t know what they are yet. And that probably won’t change any time soon. It’s a problem.