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FTR #786 The Adventures of Eddie the Friendly Spook, Part 16: The Obverse Oswald–Update and Summary Analysis

German and Brazilian drives to update and popularize their IT sectors, supposedly in response to Edward Snowden’s “disclosures,” can be safely assumed to have been anticipated quite some time ago. The Snowden “psy-op” is almost certainly a device for propagandizing on behalf of the German/Brazilian drive, which constitutes economic warfare under the circumstances. Snowden’s Russian sojourn appears to have been arranged by WikiLeaks, which also appears to have arranged his flight to China from Hawaii. Throwing Obama’s “reboot” with Russia under the bus, the Snowden “op” is probably part of the broader operation that brought the Nazi heirs to the OUN/B to power in the Ukraine.

FTR #776 The Adventures of Eddie the Friendly Spook, Part 15: Updates and Further Analysis

This broadcast continues and updates analysis of “L’Affaire Snowden”–a “psy-op” assembled for propaganda purposes and resultant political effect. The “op” is intended to: destabilize the Obama administration and U.S. diplomacy and foreign policy; degrade U.S. high-tech and internet business and (consequently) the U.S. economy; justify Germany’s inclusion in the “Five Eyes” agreement and justify expansion of German electronic surveillance; destabilize and weaken the National Security Agency and the GCHQ; eclipse German economic warfare against other European countries and highlight the United States as the “International Public Enemy #1.”

The EU Strikes a Blow For Net Neutrality. And Against it.

Last September, the EU fleshed out its plans for a major telecom regulation overhaul. The package of proposals included a dedication to protecting net neutrality. From a digital social justice standpoint, net neutrality is a critical right so the EU’s announced reform package was, in many ways, some very good news. Unfortunately, the good news on the EU’s telecom overhaul isn’t the only news.

FTR #765 The Adventures of Eddie the Friendly Spook, Part 10: Shearing the Piglet (“They’re Shocked, Shocked!”)

Manifesting consummate hypocrisy, the EU nations condemning the U.S. over the Snowden material do the same thing. Not only do the French and German intelligence services do the same thing, they are increasing their internet and electronic surveillance operations. The EU is setting up its own intelligence agency to do the same thing, in response to Snowden’s “disclosures.” During BND chief Ernst Uhrlau’s tenure, files on 250 BND executives who had held significant intelligence positions in the SS and Gestapo were destroyed. BND had long recruited from the relatives of BND officers, permitting perpetuation of the methodology and ideology from the Third Reich period.

FTR #299 Update on German Corporate Control Over American Media

Proposal by the German interior minister to conduct DOS attacks on American internet providers that offer Nazi propaganda that can be accessed by German Nazi groups.

FTR #298 Update on German Corporate Control Over American Media

Award given to Bertelsmann CEO Thomas Middelhoff, and aspects of German corporate control over the American media.

FTR #302 Update on German Corporate Control over the American Media

In a sweeping ruling, the FCC gave permission to German state-controlled Deutsche Telekom to acquire U.S. mobile phone subsidiaries.

FTR #286 Update on Germany

Recent political and economic matters affecting Germany, the dominant nation in Europe.

FTR #294 Update on Corporate Germany

As the global energy industry is deregulated, energy corporations are crossing national boundaries.

FTR #278 Connecting the Dots Part 2

In the planning for the Bormann group, a Nazi official stressed that the German industrialists must continue to fund the Party, underground.