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FTR #761 The Adventures of Eddie the Friendly Spook, Part 7: Why the NSA Should Be Spying on Germany and Its Chancellor

This program highlights German/Underground Reich connections to both the 9/11 attacks and the Oklahoma City bombing. Of particular significance is Ernst Uhrlau: chief of Hamburg police at the time German intelligence had the 9/11 cell under surveillance, appointed coordinator of intelligence for the German chancellor in 1998 and head of the BND in 2005. The son of Chancellor Kohl’s chief of staff may have masterminded the Oklahoma City bombing and BND may well have been manipulating Mohamed Atta.

The Heinrich Muller “Death” Deception

Not even the Warren Commission would buy this one! A disinformation piece is in circulation claiming that Gestapo chief Heinrich Mueller was allegedly identified as having been killed in Berlin during the last week of the war. A Los Angeles Times piece from 2001 notes archival information that Mueller was captured by American troops at the end of the war. We have dealt at length with Mueller’s postwar work as security director for the remarkable and deadly Bormann capital network.

Memo to Merkel: Get a Grip!

It should come as no surprise that the NSA would target Germany as a “hot spot” for electronic surveillance. We call attention to Ernst Uhrlau, chief of police in Hamburg during the time German intelligence had the Hamburg cell of 9/11 hijackers under surveillance, later special adviser to Chancellor Helmut Kohl on intelligence matters (the son of whose chief of staff may have masterminded the Oklahoma City bombing), and eventually head of the BND! UPDATED ON 10/30/2013.

I Told You So: Update on the “Muslim Brotherhood Spring,” The “Hacktober Surprise” and the Destabilization of Lee Harvey Obama

As forecast in the For The Record series dealing with WikiLeaks and morphing into the “Muslim Brotherhood Spring,” the GOP is tarring Barack Obama with the “soft on terrorism” brush–casting him as the second coming of Jimmy Carter. Attacking the Obama administration for not having prevented the lethal attack on the Libyan embassy, the GOP is explicitly comparing Obama’s actions with Carter’s behavior during the Iranian hostage crisis. The available evidence suggests that the “Muslim Brotherhood Spring” is a covert operation–the outgrowth of a George Bush State Department reassessment and rapprochement with the Muslim Brotherhood, as well as an approach made to the Egyptian April 6 movement during the closing days of Dubya’s second term.

German Intelligence and the 9/11 Conspirators

German intelligence and law enforcement had the Hamburg cell involved in the 9/11 attacks under surveillance by August of 1998 and did nothing. The officer in charge of law enforcement activities for Hamburg at the time has reportedly become head of the BND. Coupled with Atta’s German and Austrian associates in Florida, his sponsorship by the Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft and Germany’s suspicious manipulation of “Curveball,” serious questions must be asked about the role of Germany and its intelligence services with regard to 9/11 and the Iraq war.

Nazi Ghosts of the OUN/B Haunt Soccer in the Ukraine

Ukraine moving to commemorate WWII massacres of Polish civilians by Ukrainian fascists from OUN/B. Poland is protesting this historical revisionism. OUN/B head Stepahan Bandera and Roman Stukhevych (who lead the extermination of the Lvov Ghetto during World War II) were named heroes of Ukraine..

Japanese Build and Demonstrate Small, Spherical Flying Machine

Japanese engineers build workable spherical flying machine for $1,400.00 U.S. What could a major aerospace corporation and/or nation do?

FTR #691 The Confederate Secret Service and the Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

Not a “lone nut,” John Wilkes Booth was acting as a Confederate agent when he killed Lincoln. Booth was part of a vast underground apparatus assembled for the operation, that included “the Gray Ghost”, Colonel John Mosby and two relatives of General Robert E. Lee.

FTR #689 Interview with Sterling and Peggy Seagrave

William Faulkner noted that “the past is never dead and buried. It isn’t even past.” War Gold stolen by the Japanese dominates the contemporary economic landscape; the engines of world political power turn in precision with these hidden engines of wealth.

FTR #688 Darkness in the Vaults

Global financial system predicated on trillions of dollars in wealth stolen by the Axis in WWII; “victorious” allies shared in the spoils; the rule of law is totally discarded in order to preserve the status quo and the secrecy that surrounds it.