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What’s Wrong with This Picture?

In the aftermath of the Ukraine coup, wanted posters for former president Yanukovich sprang up all over that country and were liberally distributed in the media. QUICK: If you were going to craft and distribute wanted posters in the United States, would you have the text in Ukrainian?

The Ukraine Has 25% of the World’s Proven Natural Gas Reserves

A factor that is central to the Ukrainian situation is that country’s natural gas reserves. The Ukraine has a quarter of the world’s proven natural gas reserves. Those reserves may well be seen as the answer to the EU’s energy situation. We wonder if the Fischer-Tropsch process might be used to derive motor fuel from that natural gas, as is being done in the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated nation of Qatar.

FTR #434 Triumph of the Shill Part 2, Reichstag Wildfire?

Contextual comparison of the marketing of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s political persona to that of Adolf Hitler.

FTR #292 Power Corrupts

Manufactured energy crises in California and the U.S., and the political and monetary gain of Bush family associates.

FTR #311 Bush League, Part II – More about the Associations and Actions of the Georges Bush

California’s energy “crisis” was exacerbated, if not caused, by the interests served by George W. Bush.

FTR #280 “A Nation of Sheep Will Beget a Government of Wolves” The Bush Administration and the Destabilization of California

California’s energy crisis exacerbated by Kenneth Lay and others close to the Bush administration.

FTR #281 Los Amigos de Bush

Bush family has long had political and commercial ties with the Mexican energy interests.