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FTR #1083 AOC and The Immigrant “Psy-Op”: More about Socialists for Trump and Hitler (“The Assistance”)

Resuming analysis of AOC’s highly questionable credentials, we note the shady circumstances of her victory over long-time incumbent Joe Crowley: ” . . . . she capitalized on an extremely low primary turnout to eek out a 57% vs. 43% (15,897 vs. 11,761) victory. And while it is true that the young candidate deployed an impressive grassroots canvassing strategy, the devil is in the details— including dirty local politics, vitriolic campaign rhetoric, far left agitators, and an intensive Facebook advertising blitz in the lead up to the primary. . . .”

She drew on the support of disgraced and convicted abuser Hiram Monserrate, and deflected criticism with her standard retreat into identity politics: ” . . . . Part of the local controversy revolved around the involvement of disgraced ex-Queens politician Hiram Monserrate. A domestic abuser who spent time in prison on a corruption conviction, Monserrate has feuded with Crowley for years. During their contentious primary, Crowley accused Ocasio-Cortez of seeking support from the ex-con, even speaking at an event held at a Democrat Club he runs in Queens. . . . Monserrate told the New York Post ‘there were a group of us, in the (club) and other community activists I have been working with for years who understood that we would do our part to get rid of Joe Crowley…We were in support of Alexandria’s campaign.’ . . . .”

In our series on Surveillance Valley (FTR #’s 1075 through 1081) we noted that the Internet is an information weapon, conceived in the context of counterinsurgency and solidified in applications of counter-democracy. The rise and operations of AOC are inextricably linked with the Internet, social media, in particular.

AOC’s campaign drew on Internet resources, and interests outside of her district: ” . . . . In fact, the vast majority of Ocasio-Cortez campaign donations have come from out-of-district and out-of-state. Of particular note is Blue America PAC, a “collaboration between the authors/publishers of DownWithTyranny.com, Hullabaloo.com and CrooksandLiars.com.” The PAC made an $11,000 independent expenditure in opposition to Joe Crowley, creating the website QueensAgainstCrowley.com. . . . The meme-heavy social media pages for the PAC’s various websites pushed out vitriolic blog and social media posts during the primary, using budget graphics with British-English copy to promote hashtags like #AbolishICE #Berniewouldhavewon and #MobBossCrowley. . . .”

Drawing momentum, in part, from foreign trolls and bots, AOC’s signature “Abolish Ice” campaign plays right into the hands of Team Trump and the racist/xenophobic right. ” . . . . . For anyone engaging with Ocasio-Cortez’ social media posts, the foreign bot and troll activity is noticeably synchronized and pervasive. There’s no better example than the #AbolishICE campaign she championed as her number one primary issue and has helped take national. Much of her social media content has focused on the “Abolish ICE solution” to immigration reform while accusing “Boss Crowley” and other Democrats of being “Pro-ICE”. In the one month lead up to the June primary, Ocasio-Cortez’ campaign spent over $80,000 on Facebook advertising — the largest of her expenditures. . . .”

Next, we note AOC has quoted and defended Eva Peron. Although this may well just be another manifestation of identity politics, it is worth noting that Eva Peron (nee Eva Duarte) was a Nazi spy prior to, and during, World War II, and a Bormann/Vatican agent after that:

” . . . . . . . .The all-conquering Evita left Spain for Rome on June 25, 1947. Father Benitez would smooth her way in the Vatican with the aid of Bishop Alois Hudal [one of the key members of the Vatican/Nazi “Ratline”]. Two days after she arrived she was given an audience with pope Pius XII, spending twenty minutes with the Holy Father–“a time usually allotted by Vatican protocol to queens.” However, there was a more sinister side to the Rome trip. Using Bishop Hudal as an intermediary, she arranged to meet Bormann in an Italian villa at Rapallo provided for her use by [Argentine shipping billionaire Alberto] Dodero. The shipowner was also present at the meeting, as was Eva’s brother Juan Duarte. There, she and her former paymaster cut the deal that guaranteed that his Fuhrer’s safe haven would continue to remain safe, and allowed Bormann to leave Europe at last for a new life in South America. . . . ”

Next, the discussion turns to Peter Thiel and his Palantir firm, the alpha predator of the high-tech surveillance jungle. As we have seen and as we will review, there is reason to suspect that “Mr. AOC”–“Subhas Chandra” Chakrabarti–is a Thiel protege.

Palantir is one of the firms pivotally involved with facilitating ICE’s activities: ” . . . . The database created by Palantir uses information pulled from the DHS, FBI and other sources to build profiles of people who have crossed the border, including ‘schooling, family relationships, employment information, phone records, immigration history, foreign exchange program status, personal connections, biometric traits, criminal records, and home and work addresses,’ the Intercept reported last year. . . . . Policing software provided by Palantir and Forensic Logic’s COPLINK program enables Information sharing between ICE and state and local law enforcement. . . . Palantir software has been implemented by DHS fusion centers across California, as well as by police departments in Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Burbank; and sheriff’s departments in Sacramento, Ventura, and Los Angeles counties. The company has received more than $50 million from these agencies since 2009, mostly financed by DHS grants, the report shows. . . .”

We then review substantive evidence of Thiel/Palantir/Chakrabarti networking:

1.–Chakrabarti worked for Bridgewater Associates: ” . . . . After graduating from Harvard, Mr. Chakrabarti worked for a year as a technology associate at the hedge fund Bridgewater Associates, and then moved to Silicon Valley to help found the technology company Stripe. . . .”
2.–Bridgewater Associates was a major source of the venture capital to launch Palantir.
3.–Former FBI director James Comey was the chief counsel for Bridgewater Associates. As FBI director, Comey was instrumental in handling the election to Trump.
4.–It appears that Chakrabarti’s stint as head of product development at Stripe may well have been as a Thiel protege.

Reviewing information from past broadcasts, there are indications that the scapegoating of illegal immigrants by Team Trump is part of a “psy-op,” with AOC helping to generate “black propaganda” by branding the Democratic Party as “Illegal Immigrants R Us.”

In FTR #718, we warned [back in 2010] that Facebook was not the cuddly little entity it was perceived to be but a potential engine of fascism enabling. Momentum for the remarkably timed immigrant caravan that became a focal point for Trump/GOP/Fox News propaganda during the 2018 midterm elections was generated by a fake Facebook account, which mimicked a Honduran politician/human rights activist, Bartolo Fuentes. Significant aspects of the event:

1.–” . . . . Facebook has admitted the account was an imposter account impersonating a prominent Honduran politician. But it is refusing to release information about the account, who may have set it up or what country it originated from. . . .”
2.–” . . . . In response to a query from BuzzFeed News, a Facebook spokesperson said the phony account ‘was removed for violating [the company’s] misrepresentation policy,’ but declined to share any further information, such as what country it originated from, what email address was used to open it, or any other details that might reveal who was behind it. Facebook added that, barring a subpoena or request from law enforcement, it does not share such information out of respect for the privacy of its users. Fuentes said he believes it’s important to find out who was behind the rogue account — but hasn’t gotten any answers from Facebook. ‘Who knows how many messages could have been sent and who received them?’ . . . .”
4.–” . . . . Fuentes has been unable to get any information from Facebook about the account, but one small detail stood out. Whoever created it listed the Honduran capital of Tegucigalpa as Fuentes’s hometown, rather than the San Pedro Sula suburb of El Progreso. That might seem like a minor error, but it’s the sort of mistake a foreigner — not a Honduran — would make about the well-known former lawmaker, whose left-wing party stands in opposition to the current president’s administration. . . . ”
5.–” . . . . It operated entirely in Spanish and precisely targeted influencers within the migrant rights community. And rather than criticize or undermine the caravan — as other online campaigns would later attempt to do — it was used to legitimize the event, making a loosely structured grassroots event appear to be a well-organized effort by an established migrant group with a proven track record of successfully bringing Central American people to the US border. . . .”
6.–” . . . . before the account got started not many people seemed to be joining. Only after the account kicked into gear did enthusiasm and participation spike. The account also claimed falsely that the caravan was being led by a migrant rights organization called Pueblo Sin Fronteras. Later, once the caravan swelled to a massive scale, the Pueblo Sin Fronteras did get involved, though in a support rather than leadership role. . . .”
7.–” . . . . It appears that this account helped the caravan gain key momentum to the point where its size became a self-fulfilling prophecy, spurring even more to join and groups which hadn’t been supportive to get involved. . . .”
8.–” . . . . It’s hard to believe one Facebook account could play that decisive a role. But the account seems to have been sophisticated. And it is equally difficult to believe that a sophisticated operator or organization would have gone to such trouble and limited their efforts to a single imposter account. . . .”

In the summer of 2018, we highlighted the first degree murder charge laid against an “illegal” Mexican migrant worker following the discovery of a deceased white Iowa college girl Mollie Tibbetts. This became propaganda fodder for Team Trump.

We note in this context that:

1.–The announcement of Rivera’s arrest for the Tibbetts murder happened on the same day that Paul Manafort’s conviction was announced and Michael Cohen pleaded guilty. Might we be looking at an “op,” intended to eclipse the negative publicity from the the Manafort/Cohen judicial events?
2.–Rivera exhibited possible symptoms of being subjected to mind control, not unlike Sirhan Sirhan. ” . . . . Investigators say Rivera followed Mollie in his dark Chevy Malibu as she went for a run around 7.30pm on July 18. He ‘blacked out’ and attacked her after she threatened to call the police unless he left her alone, officers said. . . . It is not yet clear how Mollie died. . . . Rivera told police that after seeing her, he pulled over and parked his car to get out and run with her. . . . Mollie grabbed her phone and threatened to call the police before running off ahead. The suspect said that made him ‘panic’ and he chased after her. That’s when he ‘blacked out.’ He claims he remembers nothing from then until he was back in his car, driving. He then noticed one of her earphones sitting on his lap and blood in the car then remembered he’d stuffed her in the truck. . . . ‘He followed her and seemed to be drawn to her on that particular day. For whatever reason he chose to abduct her,’ Iowa Department of Criminal Investigation special agent Rick Ryan said on Tuesday afternoon. . . . ‘Rivera stated that she grabbed her phone and said: ‘I’m gonna call the police.’ . . . . ‘Rivera said he then panicked and he got mad and that he ‘blocked’ his memory which is what he does when he gets very upset and doesn’t remember anything after that until he came to at an intersection.’ . . .”
4.–Just as Sirhan had been in a right-wing milieu prior to the Robert Kennedy assassination, so, too, was Rivera: ” . . . . The prominent Republican family which owns the farm where Mollie Tibbetts’ alleged killer worked have insisted that he passed background checks for migrant workers. Christhian Rivera, 24, who is from Mexico, was charged with first degree murder on Tuesday after leading police to a corn field where Mollie’s body was dumped. Dane Lang, co-owner of Yarrabee Farms along with Eric Lang, confirmed that Rivera had worked there for four years and was an employee ‘of good standing.’ Dane’s brother is Craig Lang, former president of the Iowa Farm Bureau Federation and the Iowa Board of Regents, and a 2018 Republican candidate for state secretary of agriculture. . . .”
5.–Trump cited the Tibbetts murder in a Charleston, West Virginia, rally that day: ” . . . . President Donald Trump chirped in during his Tuesday address at a rally in Charleston, West Virginia, blaming immigration laws for Mollie’s death. ‘You heard about today with the illegal alien coming in very sadly from Mexico,’ he said. ‘And you saw what happened to that incredible beautiful young woman. ‘Should’ve never happened, illegally in our country. We’ve had a huge impact but the laws are so bad. The immigration laws are such a disgrace. ‘We are getting them changed but we have to get more Republicans.’ Gov. Kim Reynolds complained about the ‘broken’ immigration system that allowed a ‘predator’ to live in her state. . . .”

In a transition to our next program, we underscore the decisive role of Glenn Greenwald in paving the legal road for the realization of the “Leaderless Resistance” strategy that dominates the contemporary political landscape.

We note in this context:

Citizen Greenwald’s views on immigration echo those of Donald Trump: “ . . . . ‘The parade of evils caused by illegal immigration is widely known,’ Greenwald wrote in 2005. The facts, to him, were indisputable: ‘illegal immigration wreaks havoc economically, socially, and culturally; makes a mockery of the rule of law; and is disgraceful just on basic fairness grounds alone.’ Defending the nativist congressman Tom Tancredo from charges of racism, Greenwald wrote of ‘unmanageably endless hordes of people [who] pour over the border in numbers far too large to assimilate, and who consequently have no need, motivation or ability to assimilate.’ Those hordes, Greenwald wrote, posed a threat to ‘middle-class suburban voters.’ . . . .”

FTR #1082 Funky Resumes: Update on Socialists for Trump and Hitler (“The Assistance”)

In this program, we highlight the disconcerting CV’s of Saikat Chakrabarti, Cenk Uygur, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, as well as PACs and related entities created by Chakrabarti and underpinning AOC. Chakrabarti appears to be a political acolyte of Subhas Chandra Bose, “The Duce of Bengal.” In a YouTube segment defending AOC against criticism, the recently resigned Chakrabarti sported a T-shirt featuring the likeness of that key Indian fascist.

“Subhas Chandra” Chakrabarti ignited the war within the Democratic Party that he had intended. Noteworthy in his “funky resume” is the fact that he worked for Bridgewater Associates, the world’s largest hedge fund. James Comey was the firm’s chief legal counsel, before moving to head the FBI. His reopening of the Hillary Clinton e-mail “non-scandal” just before election day helped give Trump the victory.

Following his resignation this past week, “Subhas Chandra” Chakrabarti is now under investigation for his campaign finance activities: ” . . . The inquiry centers on two political action committees founded by Saikat Chakrabarti . . . . The two PACs being probed, Brand New Congress and Justice Democrats, were both set up by Chakrabarti to support progressive candidates across the country. . . . But they funneled more than $1 million in political donations into two private companies that Chakrabarti also incorporated and controlled, according to Federal Election Commission filings and a complaint filed in March with the regulatory agency. In 2016 and 2017, the PACs raised about $3.3 million, mostly from small donors. A third of the cash was transferred to two private companies whose names are similar to one of the PACs — Brand New Congress LLC and Brand New Campaign LLC — federal campaign filings show. . . .”

We suspect that the irregularities in Chakrabarti’s activities and the irregularities in Ocasio-Cortez’s resume and activities were not only deliberately preconceived, but are part of an electoral “Psy-Op” that will get considerable coverage in the 2020 campaign, possibly handing victory to Trump.

“Team AOC” will of, course, cry “racism” via Twitter.

AOC has already been handed Martyr Status by Donald Trump’s attacks, and we believe she may well become the face of the Democratic Party, as Team Trump wishes.

A blog post from “The Medium” notes the fishy elements of AOC’s CV, the questionable activities of the Chakrabarti entities and the indications that “Team AOC” has more in common with the very right-wing elements and individuals that they decry than anything that could be called “progressive:” ” . . . . independent research into her background and funding has revealed ‘Democratic Socialist’ Ocasio-Cortez is neither a progressive Democrat nor a good faith candidate. And for someone with an economics degree — one of the only claims on her resume that checks out — the 28-year-old candidate has a lot to learn about campaign finance and election law. At any other time, Ocasio-Cortez’ myriad red flags — her unlikely victory, antagonistic rhetoric, national amplification, and shady funding — would beg media scrutiny. . . .This new breed of supposed “progressives” — with their radicalized, anti-establishment fervor — appear to have more in common with that far-right insurgency [the Tea Party] than either group has with mainstream American politics. . . . But we are not living in ordinary times — a situation Ocasio-Cortez and her “progressive” posse are all too willing to exploit to accomplish their destructive goals. As natural as any evolution, the “Bernie or Bust” influence operation that infected our 2016 election is alive, well, and adapted for survival. It’s new useful idiots are Ocasio-Cortez and the murky entanglement of two new Political Action Committees (PACs)— founded by The Young Turks’ scandal-plagued host Cenk Uygur and a group of tech-savvy ex-Bernie campaign staffers. . . .”

Questionable aspects of Team AOC include:

1.–Her entrepreneurial pretense, which appears to be illusory.
2.–Her elevation of undergraduate/internship activities to be political posts.
3. –The dubious fabric of her Bronx working class cache: ” . . . . Ocasio-Cortez has claimed to be a ‘third-generation Bronxite’ from a ‘working class’ family. . . . She graduated from the predominately white Yorktown High School located in Yorktown Heights, NY, where the average household income is $141,254 and average household net worth is $1,192,838. . . .”
4.–The fact that she appears to have vetted herself as a candidate: ” . . . . A review of the core staff reveals significant crossover and a musical chairs of board members between the two [PACs]. Ocasio-Cortez assumed a leadership role with Justice Democrats sometime in 2017 — thereby effectively vetting herself for the role of candidate. . . .”
5.–Brand New Congress recruiting candidates to run as Republicans in red districts: ” . . . . Brand New Congress, the PAC we now see Ocasio-Cortez criss-crossing the country helping to promote, has the perplexing mission of ‘attempting to recruit Congressional candidates to run as Republicans in red districts.’ . . .”
6.–The contradictory nature of Team AOC’s activities is encapsulated in the following analytical synopsis: ” . . . . An analysis of FEC filings shows that their network of PACs, LLCs, board and staff navigate in the same legal and ethical grey area their entire “anti-dark money” platform is based on combatting. Beginning with Justice Democrats, the PAC has raised $2,100,399 over the course of the 2017–2018 election season. Yet over that same time period, the PAC has made zero independent expenditures in support of any candidates. In fact, dozens of candidates have instead made payments to Justice Democrats. . . .”
7.–The central role of the “Bernie Bots” in this unsavory activity: ” . . . . A review of disbursements reveals that of the $2,026,298 spent to date, over $600,000 for “strategic consulting” services was directed to Brand New Congress LLC — a business entity controlled by Chakrabarti. Another $1 million in contributions has been directed to ex-Bernie staffers or their firms. This includes $222,000 to Middle Seat Consulting LLC, run by Brand New Congress co-Founder Zack Exley, and about $800,000 in salaries and payroll costs. Because those LLCs have not disclosed financial reports, the public has no way of knowing what that money was used for. . . .”
8.–Brand New Congress also benefiting the Bernie Bots: ” . . . . A review of Brand New Congress PAC filings demonstrate a similar movement of fundraising donations into the pockets of ex-Bernie “consultants”. Of the $477,688 raised, no independent expenditures to candidates were made, yet $261,000 was paid to Brand New Congress LLC and over $100,000 was disbursed as salaries or payroll costs. . . .”

Program Highlights Include:

1.–Review of key points of the fascist activities of “Team Bose.”
2.–Review of Narendra Modi’s fushion of Hindutva fascism with Team Bose.
3.–An overview of Cenk Uygur’s curious resume.
9.–A constellation of highly questionable activities in connection with AOC’s defeat of 10-term Congressman Joe Crowley, such as the role of the “Blue America” PAC, UK English copy: ” . . . . The meme-heavy social media pages for the PAC’s various websites pushed out vitriolic blog and social media posts during the primary, using budget graphics with British-English copy to promote hashtags like #AbolishICE #Berniewouldhavewon and #MobBossCrowley. . . .”

Program Highlights Include:

Review of key points of the fascist activities of “Team Bose.”
Review of Narendra Modi’s fushion of Hindutva fascism with Team Bose.
An overview of Cenk Uygur’s curious resume.

FTR #1013 Fascism and the Politics of Immigration

In The Hitler Legacy, Peter Levenda noted anti-immigrant sentiment and xenophobia as part of “The Hitler Legacy.”

“. . . Xenophobia is at an all-time high in Europe and increasingly in America. The Internet has provided new and improved means of communication. As the political life of every country becomes more and more polarized between “right” and “left,” the men of ODESSA can only laugh at our discomfort. . . .”

Fear of “the other” has been a staple of fascist thought and is dominating much of the political discourse on both sides of the Atlantic.

In FTR #838, Levenda discoursed on how immigration from Europe, both Catholic  and Jewish,  melded with other events in the post-World War I period to mobilize fascist sentiment and activism.

Reacting to the advent of the Soviet Union, abortive Marxist revolutions in Germany and elsewhere in Europe, large scale immigration of Catholics from Ireland and Italy and Jews from Eastern Europe, powerful elements of the U.S. power elite embraced fascism and eugenics ideology.

With the onset of the Great Depression, the potential threat of Communism was magnified in the eyes of many powerful American industrialists, financiers and corporate lawyers. Germany’s success in putting down the Marxist revolutions within its own borders, as well as the business relationships between corporate Germany and its cartel partners in the U.S. business community inclined many influential American reactionaries to support fascism.

By the same token, these same elements came to despise Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his “Jew Deal,” as it was called by his enemies. American Jews were seen as hiring Jewish immigrants and thus denying “real Americans” jobs and economic well-being.

Attacking Roosevelt as a Jew and a Communist, American fascists embraced a cognitive and rhetorical position not unlike the view of Barack Obama as a “Kenyan Muslim,” and, consequently, a “traitor.”

Some key points in Peter’s analysis are explored a section of the book titled the “Origins of 21st Century Conflict.” Highlights of this part of the program include:

1.–Analyzing the abortive socialist revolutions that took place in Germany at the end of the First World War, Peter notes the role of the Freikorps and related institutions in suppressing those revolts. In particular, a number of overlapping Pan-German occult organizations, including the Thule Gesellschaft, contributed to the substance of German reaction in the post-World War I period.
2.–In the United States, the Bolshevik Revolution produced a spate of anti-Communist organizations that saw Marxism’s advocacy of a workers’ revolution as a fundamental threat to the existing order.
3.–Marx’s Jewish background–in tandem with large Jewish emigration from Eastern Europe–fed a doctrinaire anti-Semitism which fused with anti-Communism to become a key element of fascist ideology in the U.S. and the rest of the world.
4.–The program set forth how Bolshevism, immigration and anti-Semitism fused to become a theory of “global conspiracy.”
5.–We highlight the role in the formation of this ideology of Darwin’s theories and eugenics, both in the U.S. and in Germany. (In particular, we discuss the impact of Irish and Italian Catholic immigration as well as Jewish immigration on the consciousness of elements of the American power elite.) We also detail how National Socialists came to view their role in shaping the evolution of homo sapiens.
6.–The Depression and FDR’s New Deal and their effects on many of those same elements of the Power Elite.
7.–Hate-mongering that labeled FDR as a “Jew” and a “Communist”–similar to anti-Obama rhetoric portraying him as a Muslim and a traitor.
8.–Atavism–the longing for a “simpler time” and its manifestations both in the 1930’s and presently.

In FTR #864, recorded in September of 2015, Peter updated the context of our discussion from March of that year in the context of Donald Trump’s lead in the GOP primary struggle and the reaction sweeping Europe.

Immigration dominated the news that fall and has continued to do so. The flood of refugees from the wars in the Middle East threatened to overwhelm European infrastructure and the phenomenon dominated the political debate in the GOP primary election campaign. Donald Trump capitalized on anti-immigrant xenophobia during the primary and then the presidential campaign.

Of course, he continues to do so today.

In The Hitler Legacy, Peter noted anti-immigrant sentiment and xenophobia as part of “The Hitler Legacy.”

Fear of “the other” has been a staple of fascist thought and has dominated much of the political discourse on both sides of the Atlantic.

Next, we turn to a more recent development.

Melania Trump garnered considerable media attention when she visited a detention center for immigrants, including children, wearing a jacket that said “I Really Don’t Care. Do U?”

Tasteless on its surface, the statement assumes added significance when we factor in the fact that  “I don’t care” (“Me Ne Frego” in Italian) was an important fascist slogan.

Furthermore, the Zara company that made Melania’s jacket has a history of marketing garments with fascist/racist overtones. It marketed a shirt that mimicked a concentration camp inmate’s garb and a swastika-enlaid handbag. It also marketed a Pepe The Frog skirt.

Recent comments by Trump disparaging Haiti as a “shithole” country and pining for immigration from Norway instead warrant a fresh look at the Crusade For Freedom.

During Trump’s brief tenure as President, the media have consistently lamented his actions as idiosyncrasies. Trump’s policies are not his alone, but follow in a linear path, along which the GOP has traveled for decades.

In this post, we review the Crusade For Freedom–the covert operation that brought Third Reich alumni into the country and also supported their guerrilla warfare in Eastern Europe, conducted up until the early 1950’s. Conceived by Allen Dulles, overseen by Richard Nixon, publicly represented by Ronald Reagan and realized in considerable measure by William Casey, the CFF ultimately evolved into a Nazi wing of the GOP.

“. . . . Vice President Nixon’s secret political war of Nazis against Jews in American politics was never investigated at the time. The foreign language-speaking Croatians and other Fascist émigré groups had a ready-made network for contacting and mobilizing the Eastern European ethnic bloc. There is a very high correlation between CIA domestic subsidies to Fascist ‘freedom fighters’ during the 1950’s and the leadership of the Republican Party’s ethnic campaign groups. The motive for the under-the-table financing was clear: Nixon used Nazis to offset the Jewish vote for the Democrats. . . .

. . . . In 1952, Nixon had formed an Ethnic Division within the Republican National Committee. Displaced fascists, hoping to be returned to power by an Eisenhower-Nixon ‘liberation’ policy signed on with the committee. In 1953, when Republicans were in office, the immigration laws were changed to admit Nazis, even members of the SS. They flooded into the country. Nixon himself oversaw the new immigration program. . . .”

AFA #39 “The World Will Be Plunged Into an Abyss . . . .”

Projecting what a Nazi victory in World War II might bring, Winston Churchill observed that “The world will be plunged into an abyss, made more sinister by the knights of perverted science.” In this program, we build on a long-running supposition that the Nazis did indeed win World War II, not on the battlefield but during what Prussian military theoretician Karl von Clausewitz called “The postwar.”

This broadcast is intended to be used in conjunction with L-1 and L-2: Might the future see Bormann network-controlled pharmaceuticals and/or foodstuffs used to disseminate “Aryan-friendly,” genetically-engineered binary pathogens to an already vulnerable and depleted humanity?

Might we see “Aryan” space aliens (“The Nine” or some manifestation of same) come down to earth to rule, disseminating some kind of “divine” or “extraterrestrial” eugenics doctrine? Might this be combined with a variety of theocratic Aryan supremacy religion?

With the Reinhard Gehlen spy outfit and the Project [Operation] Paperclip scientists having been incorporated into the very heart of the U.S. and Western national security establishments and with the Bormann capital network dominating the international cartel system that stands astride the international capital markets, what we have termed the Underground Reich did indeed prevail in the postwar period.

In this program, we take a look at what a Nazi future might look like.

Examining some of the paths of apparent evolution from Project Paperclip, we highlight the probable development of AIDS as a biological weapon and underscore the Nazi racist/eugenics overtones of various New Age philosophies.

Central to our analysis is a look at an excerpt from testimony before a House appropriations subcommittee that was drawing up the defense budget for the following year. (The hearings were in 1969.) The testimony discusses the possibility of using genetic engineering to produce a disease that would be “refractory” to the immune system. This is virtually the clinical definition of AIDS. It is worth noting that the project was funded, and just such a disease—AIDS—appeared in just the time frame posited. It is also worth noting that, in the 2002 edition of A Higher Form of Killing, this passage is omitted!!

. . . As long ago as 1962, forty scientists were employed at the U.S. Army biological warfare laboratories on full-time genetics research. ‘Many others,’ it was said, ‘appreciate the implications of genetics for their own work.’ The implications were made more specific that genetic engineering could solve one of the major disadvantages of biological warfare, that it is limited to diseases which occur naturally somewhere in the world. ‘Within the next 5 to 10 years, it would probably be possible to make a new infective micro-organism which could differ in certain important respects from any known disease-causing organisms. Most important of these is that it might be refractory to the immunological and therapeutic processes upon which we depend to maintain our relative freedom from infectious disease.’ [Italics are Mr. Emory’s.] The possibility that such a ‘super germ’ may have been successfully produced in a laboratory somewhere in the world in the years since that assessment was made is one which should not be too readily cast aside. . .

Purebred Northern Europeans possess a hereditary immunity to infection by HIV, a gene (CCR5Delta 32) that conferred immunity to the Black Death, long believed to have been bubonic plague. Bubonic plague was a major focal point of Third Reich biological weapons research, stemming from SS chief Heinrich Himmler’s interest in that disease.

Disguised as a cancer research program, Nazi Germany’s plague research was presided over by Kurt Blome, the deputy surgeon general of the Third Reich. Blome went to work for the U.S. under Project Paperclip (also known as Operation Paperclip.) We wonder if the Nazi research into bubonic plague and the emergence of an immune-destroying disease to which only pure-bred Northern Europeans–“Aryans”–were immune might have been the outgrowth of Nazi-inspired U.S. biological weapons research stemming from Paperclip?

Another development in that context is noteworthy: When the U.S. officially “gave up” biological warfare research, Fort Detrick–the military’s top bw research facility, was officially turned over to the National Cancer Institute’s Viral Cancer Research Project. Featuring veterans of the U.S. biological warfare research program, the NCI’s VCP was implemented by Litton Bionetics, a biotechnology subsidiary of Litton Industries, a major defense contractor. The National Cancer Institute’s Viral Cancer Research Project was at the epicenter of U.S. research into AIDS. We strongly suspect that this was a recapitulation of the Third Reich’s use of “cancer research.”

Just as “Aryans” possess a hereditary immunity to HIV infection, people of African descent have a hereditary susceptibility to HIV infection.

Just as Project Paperclip figures into analysis of the development of AIDS, development of aspects of the so-called New Age also track back to the importation of Nazi military scientists. Of particular interest in that regard are racist/eugenicist New Age philosophies that attribute the origins of humanity to “space aliens” with “Aryan” features–blonde hair, blue eyes and fair skin.

Foremost among those New Age cults is “The Nine”–overlapping a surprisingly large aspect of the New Age. Purporting to be, variously, the progenitors of the human race (from outer space, of course) and the gods of Egypt, “The Nine” feature the blonde hair, blue eyes, etc. that are common to many of the “ET” origins of humanity.

Overlapping these “Aryan” extraterrestrial New Age philosophies are related outlooks maintaining that black people are inferior and do not originate from “outer space.”

Perhaps the best known Nazi scientist brought to the U.S. under Paperclip is Werner Von Braun, an SS officer and arguably the most important scientist involved with the U.S. space program. A war criminal of the first order, Von Braun was also one of the founders of the Institute for Noetic Sciences, a major epicenter of New Age “thought.”

His military commander in the Third Reich’s V-weapons program–General Walter Dornberger (also a Paperclip importee)–became the head of Bell Aerospace. (Arthur Young, an devotee of “The Nine” was the father in law of Michael Paine, who worked for Dornberger at Bell. Paine, along with his wife Ruth, was one of Lee Harvey Oswald’s intelligence babysitters.)

Another key element of discussion and analysis is the Bormann group’s use of the former member companies of I.G. Farben. Bayer has bought Monsanto (the largest and best-known of the “GM” companies.) Although anti-trust rules may force the spin-off of some of the parts of Monsanto, BASF–another of the I.G. member companies under Bormann control–is poised to snap those up.

We also note that Bayer has acquired Merck’s pharmaceutical business, giving it a profound presence in the pharmaceutical and vaccine business.

With AIDS having apparently signaled the successful development of a genetically-engineered binary pathogen against which pure-bred Northern Europeans harbor a genetic immunity, we wonder if we will be seeing the introduction of such pathogens into foods and/or vaccines and/or medecines?

Will this, in turn, be dovetailed with the ascent of New Age religions that extoll white people/Aryans?

As non-whites succumb to disease introduced through the food supply and/or medecines, will this New Age/Nazi cultism increase and achieve global dominance?

Again, this program is intended to be used in conjunction with L-1 and L-2.

Program Highlights Include:

1.–Allied interest in Franz Liesau Zaccharias, who obtained monkeys for use in Nazi medical experiments for I.G. Farben.
The fact that the Third Reich began experimenting on monkeys, and then began experimenting on humans.

2.–The fact that the etiology of AIDS mirrors the progression of Third Reich medical experiments–progressing from apes to humans.

3.–Rumination about similarities between SIV and HIV-2: according to a knowledgeable source, SIV (native to the African Green Monkey) is identical to HIV-2, except for a piece of genetic material that functions like a period in a sentence. It signals genes to stop reading one sequence of amino acids and begin reading another. The source opined that this appeared to be a gene-engineering manifestation.

4.–Speculation about the “Black Death” actually being a viral-borne, infectious hemorrhagic fever, encountered by German and Japanese armies during World War II. Was this researched by Unit 731, the Japanese biological warfare research unit whose results were incorporated into the U.S. biological warfare program after World War II?

5.–Rumination about the possibility that Zaccharias’s apes had contracted simian AIDS from SIV infection and the related hypothetical possibility that this led to the discovery of an immune-destroying infectious agent that affected apes. Might this have been why the Allies were so interested in Zaccharias? Surely, they didn’t need someone to teach them how to get apes from Africa. By the same token, experimenting on primates is not a war crime. So WHY were the Allies so interested in Zaccharias?

6.–Discussion of the Urantia text, with its New Age devotees manifesting a racist eugenics philosophy masked by an “extraterrestrial” facade.

7.–Discussion of the Hare Krishna sect, key elements of which manifest a racist philosophy that dovetails with that of the Urantia cult and The Nine.

8.–Discussion of Swiss/Brazilian billionaire Jorge Paolo Lemann, a possible Bormann operative whose enterprises are buying up many food companies that cater to lower middle and working class people.

8.–Becker GMBH’s genesis with the SS and capital stolen from Jews during the Holocaust.

9.–Becker GMBH’s absorption into ConAgra foods, a major manufacturer of foodstuffs for lower-middle and working-class people.

10.–Sullivan & Cromwell’s work as Bayer’s legal counsel for the Merck and Monsanto purchases. (Sullivan & Cromwell is the Dulles law firm.)

FTR #909 A Different Kind of Tea Party: More about Fascism and the New Age

The Urantia Book appears to have heavily influenced the founders of the Celestial Seasonings herbal tea company. Of greater significance is the fact that the formidable tome is an important element in the New Age firmament and espouses a deeply racist philosophy. ” . . . The book touches upon every­thing from mind con­trol to a eugen­ics plot to elim­i­nate the ‘infe­rior races’ of our great nation. . . . The Urantia Book, a 4.3-pound, 2,097-page tome, pub­lished first in 1955, is a mod­i­fied Seventh-Day Adven­tist text sup­pos­edly com­mu­ni­cated to an anony­mous man in a trance by aliens. . . . ”

Contending that the human race evolved from fair-skinned, blue-eyed space aleiens, the Urantia Book manifests a sinister philosophy: ” . . . . On every planet through­out every uni­verse, fair-skinned, blue-eyed aliens named Adam and Eve appear to ‘upstep’ the natives. When their prog­eny mate with the accept­able inhab­i­tants of the planet, the ‘infe­rior stocks will be elim­i­nated and there will be one puri­fied race, one lan­guage, and one reli­gion,’ as Gard­ner explains it in Uran­tia: The Great Cult Mystery. But before that can hap­pen, Paper 51 of The Uran­tia Book says, ‘the infe­rior and unfit are largely elim­i­nated… it seems that you ought to be able to agree upon the bio­logic dis­fel­low­ship­ing of your more markedly unfit, defec­tive, degen­er­ate, and anti­so­cial stocks.’ . . .”

Compare this with Hitler’s philosophy, as expressed in “Mein Kampf”: “The demand that defec­tive peo­ple be pre­vented from prop­a­gat­ing equally defec­tive off­spring rep­re­sents the most human act of mankind.”

It should come as no surprise that the Urantia Book does not come from “outer space”, but appears to have originated with a well-connected eugenicist named William Sadler. ” . . . . While Hitler didn’t have any­thing to do with writ­ing The Uran­tia Book, William Sadler did.

One of the most well-known psy­chi­a­trists of his era, Sadler got his start work­ing for Dr. John H. Kel­logg at the famous Bat­tle Creek San­i­tar­ium, which treated celebri­ties like the Rock­e­fellers, Mont­gomery Ward and even Thomas Edi­son. Kel­logg was a noto­ri­ous eugeni­cist and founded the Race Bet­ter­ment Foun­da­tion, whose goals were ‘to call atten­tion to the dan­gers which threaten the race.’ Influ­enced by Kellogg’s ideas, Sadler pub­lished three eugeni­cist books: “Long Heads and Round Heads; or, What’s the Mat­ter With Ger­many (1918)”, “Racial Deca­dence: An Exam­i­na­tion of the Causes of Racial Degen­er­a­tion in the United States” (1922) and “The Truth About Hered­ity” (1927). The Uran­tia Book echoes the ideas pre­sented in these books, and in some cases, it repro­duces the text word for word. . . .”

The Urantia Fellowship continues to manifest the eugenics philosophy of the text, counting Kermit Anderson–the director of genetic screening at Kaiser Permanente among its adherents!

FTR #908 Easy “E’s”: Eugenics, Euthanasia and Extermination (A Message from the Past to the Future)

With technological advances leading some analysts to conclude that the future will feature a largely “employment-free” world, the concept of a “universal basic income” has taken hold in some circles. Concluding that all people will be given a “workable” sum with which to live, adherents of the concept envision a quasi-utopian world. We fear the development of something far more dystopic.

With the continued popularity of the austerity agenda, despite strong evidence that it is counter-productive, we fear that a largely “employment-free” environment will lead to the elimination of human beings seen as “superfluous.” With physician-assisted suicide legislation gaining in many places, at the same time as the austerity agenda continues to be popular in elite economic and social planning circles, we should be on the alert for lethal, and altogether “final” solutions to the problem of large numbers of economically displaced people. The Third Reich’s extermination programs have been popularly viewed as aberration, an occurrence that was separate from “normal” political and historical events. This is not the case.

Murderous Nazi racial and social policy were the outgrowth of mainstream intellectual trends that are very much with us today. At the epicenter of the intellectual nexus underpinning the Nazi extermination programs are the overlapping international eugenics and international hygiene movements.

Program Highlights Include: The role of the Nazi euthanasia programs in training the hardened killers used at the extermination centers; the role of the Rockefeller Foundation in funding the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute’s eugenics programs; the role of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in the genesis of the Nazi T-4 euthanasia program and the subsequent extermination programs of the Third Reich; the extensive official secrecy that shrouded the euthanasia programs from public view.

FTR #839 Interview (#2) with Peter Levenda about “The Hitler Legacy”

Resuming with, and further developing a key element of discussion highlighted in our previous interview, Peter sets forth “the origins of global jihad.” In the Middle East, the concept of global jihad was developed by German archaelogist Max von Oppenheim during the First World War. Envisioning the world’s Muslims as proxy warriors against the Entente Powers of Britain, France and Russia, von Oppenheim created the template for contemporary Islamic fascism and jihadism. Following the division of the former Ottoman Empire by Britain and France after World War I, the “Arab Street” began manifesting belief in an international global conspiracy involving Jews and the European colonial powers that resonated with the ideological anxieties of European and American power elites, German, in particular. Von Oppenheim’s strategy also employed the concept of “total war,” incorporating violence against civilians as part of the template that became a key feature of Islamist terrorism. The program also notes that, when the Nazi party came to power in Germany, NSDAP ideologues were placed in positions of influence around the world, where they interacted with like minded individuals and institutions. In the U.S., German spies worked closely with interests associated with Henry Ford, including and especially Ukrainian fascists who worked with the Third Reich. The program concludes with an account of Peter’s harrowing visit to the Chilean Nazi outpost Colonia Dignidad, a torture center for the Pinochet dictatorship, an epicenter of Operation Condor, a recipient of global Nazi money and the development site for weapons of mass destruction.

FTR #833 Shooting Ourselves in the Foot in Ukraine (Habsburg Redux)

We’ve spent much time on the Ukraine crisis, an unfolding debacle that threatens a global economic collapse or worse. As the U.S. dispatches military advisers and armored vehicles to Ukraine’s national guard (which includes its Nazi “volunteer battalions”), former Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev has added his voice those warning that events in Ukraine could lead to nuclear war. Even if that calamity is averted, the push to destroy the Russian economy may precipitate a global financial crisis, with a credit default there spreading economic contagion around the world. Russian analysts and some in the West see the ramping up of economic pressure on Russia as a drive for regime change, making the “economy scream” as was done in Nixon’s destabilization of the Allende regime in Chile. The concluding portion of the broadcast highlights the renascent power of the von Habsburg family in Ukraine and other former territories of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Active in Georgia, Hungary, Sweden and Austria, the von Habsburgs have been quiet but major players in Nazi aggression in World War II, the Cold War and the destabilization of the former Soviet Union and the breakup of Yugoslavia.

FTR #832 Walkin’ the Snake in Ukraine, Part 5: “We All Remember Well the Soviet Invasion of Ukraine and Germany”

Former Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk–one of that country’s key political figures–said on German television “We all remember well the Soviet invasion of Ukraine.” This unchallenged statement referred to the Second World War! This fundamental perversion of history is in keeping with the scenario advanced in the Nazi tract “Serpent’s Walk,” in which a Third Reich gone underground takes over the United States and uses its control of the opinion-forming media to portray Hitler and his minions as heroes and their enemies as villains. In Ukraine, we are seeing just that. The current government of Ukraine is an annex of the Third Reich, with the OUN/B heirs in power executing a political agenda dictated by Hitler allies Stephan Bandera and Yaroslav Stetsko. Program highlights include: Russian president Putin’s exclusion from the ceremonies celebrating the liberation of Auschwitz by Soviet troops; the media’s use of relativistic language couching the historical reality of OUN/B’s alliance with Hitler as “Russian” propaganda; FOIA documents verifying OUN’s effective maintenance of a National Socialist government in exile; the probability that Ukraine’s “anti-corruption” bureau will be headed by a foreign national; Ukraine’s denial of entitlements to elderly and disabled residents of Eastern Ukraine–a war crime; NATO’s formation of a media phalanx to counter what they term “Kremlin propaganda” and what is verifiable poltical and historical reality!

FTR #830 Machiavelli 2.0: The Paris Attacks and the Muslim Brotherhood

In the wake of the terrorist incidents in Paris, discussion has pointedly omitted the perpetrators’ links to the Muslim Brotherhood–the Islamic fascist organization that spawned groups like Al Qaeda and ISIS. Portrayed in the West as a “moderate’ organization, the Muslim Brotherhood was allied with the Axis in World War II and nurtured as anti-communist cadre by Western Intelligence (CIA in particular) during the Cold War. Successfully scapegoated by European fascist groups like the National Front, elements of the Brotherhood network with those same fascists, mutually benefitting from cultural and political alienation generated among their respective supporters. Much of the program reviews and details the corporatist and free market economic philosophy of the Muslim Brotherhood, an ideology that endears the Ikhwan to powerful political and economic interests in the U.S. and elsewhere in the West. Brotherhood elements continue to be used as proxy warriors by elements of Western and Saudi intelligence in places like the Caucasus and China’s Xinjiang Province.