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General Francisco Franco May NOT Be So Dead, After All

In addition to its aggressive, nationalistic stance toward the British territory of Gibraltar, Spain has been manifesting elements of its fascist past. Mariano Rajoy’s People’s Party incorporated much of the cadre of Francisco Franco’s Falange. With social unrest growing from Spain’s dire economic straits, that fascist heritage is evident in that country’s present political landscape.

Romano Prodi Calls for a “Latin Front” to Oppose German Domination of Europe

The U.S. Department of the Treasury, Paul Krugman and a growing chorus of European voices are noting Germany’s economic policies as being brutally restrictive toward other European countries and the world as a whole. Now, former Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi has issued a call for a “Latin Front” to openly oppose German policy.

Is a “Deep Falange” at Work in Spain and Argentina?

Economically beset Spain is waxing aggressive toward British-governed Gibraltar, using that principality’s “fiscal irregularities” as justification because of the nation’s “EU obligations.” The Rajoy government is coordinating its efforts with Argentina. The cooperation is military, as well as political. Rajoy’s People’s Party evolved from Franco’s Falange. It does not appear to have altogether shed its fascist heritage.

Snowden’s Ride, Part 10: The Beginning of World War III?

The latest developments in L’Affaire Snowden are alarming, and predictable. We speculated that BND would decouple from NSA’s spying program. That has now happened. We predicted that Eddie the Friendly Spook’s psy-op would lead to profound damage to U.S. internet business and the economy. That appears to be developing. The regulation of the Internet may be going in the direction that Russia and China have endorsed, lending depth to our understanding of Snowden’s travel to both countries–nations that are less than conducive to internet freedom. IMPORTANT UPDATES ON 8/3/2013, 8/14/2013..

Snowden’s Ride, Part 9: Catherine Ashton, EU Defense and Intelligence Structure and the Muslim Brotherhood

The so-called “disclosures” by “Eddie the Friendly Spook Snowden have had some interesting fallout in Europe. This information has, almost in its entirety, been on the public record for years. Nonetheless, Snowden’s “revelations” have led to the apparent formation of a new EU intelligence and military structure, which will include the development of drones and internet surveillance, in what critics have called the formation of a European version of NSA. This force will be under the direction of Catherine Ashton–widely viewed as a German tool. Ashton has been lobbying for the release of Mohamed Morsi in Egypt. Shilling for the Muslim Brotherhood ever since his ouster in a military coup, Germany has been running interference for their erstwhile World War II ally.

Telling It like It Is: VERY Powerful, Accurate Words from Former Moody’s Vice-Chairman about German “Clausewitzian” Economic Policy toward Europe

For those who consider our analysis to be extreme and manifesting hyperbole, we present a devastating critique of German EMU policy vis a vis the peripheral economies of the eurozone. Discussing Cyprus as exemplary of German methodology and intent, Christopher T. Mahoney–a former Vice Chairman of Moody’s–couches his critique in altogether unambiguous language.

“Clausewitzian” Health Care: Austeritywitz in Greece

We continue our coverage of the reality of “austerity” in Greece, mandated by the German-dominated EU. With German banks having precipitated the Eurozone crisis, the postscript is classic “war by other means,” as prescribed by Prussian military theoretician Carl von Clausewitz. The German-dominated Troika installed the fascist LAOS party in Greece, with no input from the citizens of that country–the cradle of democracy. Having assumed control of Greece’s health care system, German profit-driven institutions are instituting draconian measures, resulting in–among other things–A 40% INCREASE IN INFANT MORTALITY!

Luxembourg Prime Minister Resigns: Luxembourg Gladio Veteran Involved in Bugging Scandal

For decades, we’ve spoken of “The Strategy of Tension,” overlapping the NATO Operation Stay Behind (known as Gladio in Italy.) The Prime Minister of Luxembourg was forced to resign because of a scandal in which the country’s intelligence chief–now head of security for Siemens–participated in Gladio/Stay Behind. Luxembourg’s banking sector is very large, to the dismay of Germany, which has been called “hegemonic” by Luxembourg cabinet ministers.

So It Begins, Part 2: Bertelsmann Occupies Town in Yorkshire (Sit Down Before You Read This)

The U.S. and the EU are proceeding forward in talks to establish the world’s largest free trade zone–an economic NATO. IF the agreement evolves along the lines of the United Kingdom’s inclusion in EU legal regulatory machinery, we may see something akin to the Bertelsmann corporation’s assumption of governmental control of a municipal district in Yorkshire, in the UK.! The world’s largest publisher, Bertelsmann was the publisher for the SS in World War II and gives every indication of retaining its Nazi character.

So It Begins: Does Proposed US, EU Single Market Augur American Economic Subjugation?

A huge and potentially devastating (for the U.S.) development is being eclipsed by the “disclosures” of career spook Baby Face Snowden. Obama and British PM David Cameron are lining up behind an enormous EU/US trade deal, which would bring the U.S. and the EU into a single market–the largest in the world. This could prove as bad for the U.S. as the Common Market/EU has for the U.K.