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Fighting for the Wrong Right: Your Right to Die

Health care reform approaching the “Final Solution” to the high cost of health care? In Nazi Germany it meant “Kill ’em, don’t bill ’em.” The same influences inform our social thinking on the issue.

FTR #247 Miscellaneous Articles and Updates

Growing power, influence and respectability of the Moon organization; euthanasia and the Right-to-Die movement; domestic surveillance.

FTR #220 Miscellaneous Stories and Updates

Use of genetically engineered adenoviruses for “gene therapy” to introduce DNA into cells in order to correct genetic defects.

FTR #141 Interview III with Wesley J. Smith

Oregon’s Proposition 16, the first euthanasia law in the U.S., has proceeded very far down the “slippery slope.”

FTR #140 Update on Health and Scientific Matters

Listen: One segment This program updates a number of stories in the health and science fields. Beginning with discussion of a bill introduced in the California legislature to permit physician assisted suicide, the broadcast presents analysis by author Wesley J. Smith of flaws in reportage about the Oregon euthanasia law (Prop. 16.) The alleged success […]

FTR #124 Interview II with Wesley J. Smith

Princeton bio-ethicist Peter Singer’s views compared to those of social philosophers behind Third Reich’s “T-4” euthanasia program.

FTR #117 Interview with Wesley J. Smith

Medical ethics in U.S. compared to Nazi Germany, in which the physician’s primary responsibility was seen as to society, rather than to the patient.

FTR #102 Connecting the Dots

The “trans-Atlantic Industrial and Financial Axis,” instrumental in developing and sustaining fascism in the 20th Century.

FTR #32 Part II: The Right to Die Movement

Nazi extermination programs which resulted in the horrors of Auschwitz began with the “T-4” euthanasia program.

FTR #32 Part I: Fascism, Eugenics and Euthanasia

International eugenics movement, international euthanasia movement, and their influence on the Nazi racial laws and extermination programs.