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FTR #476 More on the Schmitzes, the Underground Reich and 9/11

REALAUDIO Complementing information presented in FTR#469, the program details the career of Joseph E. Schmitz—a very formidable individual who is Inspector General of the Department of Defense. A member of the Schmitz family discussed in FTR#469, Joseph E. Schmitz is in a vitally important position in the Pentagon and is in a very sensitive position […]

FTR #445 The Bush Family & the Intelligence Community

Kevin Phillips’ book ‘American Dynasty.’

FTR #289 Miscellaneous Articles and Updates

Deeply involved in the elevation of Pope John Paul II, Opus Dei has roots in the fascist dictatorship of Franco’s Spain.

FTR #107 The Starr Chamber

Questionable, possibly illegal activities of Special Prosecutor Kenneth Starr.