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What’s Wrong with This Picture?

In the aftermath of the Ukraine coup, wanted posters for former president Yanukovich sprang up all over that country and were liberally distributed in the media. QUICK: If you were going to craft and distribute wanted posters in the United States, would you have the text in Ukrainian?

The Ukraine Has 25% of the World’s Proven Natural Gas Reserves

A factor that is central to the Ukrainian situation is that country’s natural gas reserves. The Ukraine has a quarter of the world’s proven natural gas reserves. Those reserves may well be seen as the answer to the EU’s energy situation. We wonder if the Fischer-Tropsch process might be used to derive motor fuel from that natural gas, as is being done in the Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated nation of Qatar.

What Has General Wesley Clark Been Doing since His Retirement?

I.G. Farben’s Fischer-Tropsch process is experiencing an industrial renaissance. In Kosovo, former NATO commander General Wesley Clark is chairman of a company using it to produce synthetic fuel from Kosovo’s coal deposits. Coincidentally (?) the head of NATO peacekeeping forces in Kosovo was the son of Nazi war crminal and Third Reich finance ministry official Fritz Reinhardt.

Qatar, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Fischer/Tropsch Process

Past programs have dealt with the resurrection of the Fischer-Tropsch process, developed by I.G. Farben and the Third Reich to synthesize oil from coal, among other fuels. The Fischer-Tropsch process is being utilized in Qatar to synthesize fuel from natural gas. One of the many dark clouds on the horizon of the Middle East concerns the growing and pivotal role Qatar is playing in the dynamics evolving from the Arab Spring. Awash with cash from its vast natural gas and fossil fuel resources, Qatar is financing Muslim Brotherhood-related activities, including the Al-Jazeera network. With Qatar subsidizing Islamic fascism through the Muslim Brotherhood and generating capital through the application of Nazi science, the possibility of that small but powerful nation as an Underground Reich subsidiary should be seriously considered.

Say Goodbye to Peak Oil, for The Time Being

Peak Oil a fascist philosophy and marketing gambit for the fossil fuel companies. Recent disclosures indicate that the fears associated with that philosophy are unfounded.

GOP Endorses Nazi Fischer/Tropsch Process

Nazi-linked GOP endorses I.G. Farben’s Fischer/Tropsch process in order to reduce U.S. dependence on foreign oil/fossil fuels. Who will get the licensing fees for application of process?

Leaking in Persian Gulf: “WikiPeak” Oil?

Alleged State Department memo–disclosed by the Nazi-linked WikiLeaks network–gives credence to the “Peak Oil” gambit. Peak Oil itself demonstrates Nazi influence.

Convicted in China, U.S. Geologist Worked for Thyssen/”Peak Oil” Firm

Comment: The coverage of China’s sentencing of a U.S. Geologist to eight years in prison has not stressed the fact that Xue Feng worked for IHS, Inc–a firm specializing in analysis of the petroleum industry and the epicenter of the “Peak Oil” hypothesis. A subsidiary of Thyssen/Bornemisza industries, IHS provides analysis derived from data submitted […]

FTR #710 Update on 9/11 and Related Matters

Jihadist elements welcomed in Georgia (former U.S.S.R.), apparently with U.S. blessing; Russian fascism growing;Pentagon buying “Peak Oil” hypothesis; corporate jets exempt from FAA regulations; cyber-attack on U.S. power grid?

FTR #687 Update on 9/11 and Related Matters

Saudi money power helps them evade 9/11 guilt; investigation revealing connection between Bush administration and terror financing moves forward; CIA’s [ex] Scheuer’s treasonous remarks; Syrian nuke investigation continues.