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FTR #744 The Shape of Things to Come

Pan­ul­ti­mate exam­ple of “off­shore,” the seasted­ding move­ment sees “free­dom and democ­racy” as incom­pat­i­ble. Those left on shore must accept dis­so­lu­tion of pri­vacy, free­dom and, yes, democ­racy. Hedge fund man­agers buy­ing up all arable land in antic­i­pa­tion of eco­nomic and social armageddon.

Charter Cities: Another, BIG Step toward a Global “Corporate State”

Trans-national cor­po­ra­tions under­writ­ing imple­men­ta­tion of “char­ter cities,” which would per­mit pri­vate, corporate-dominated munic­i­pal devel­op­ments out­side of any domes­tic gov­ern­men­tal control.

Video Excerpts: The First Refuge of a Scoundrel

From an Octo­ber, 2006 lec­ture about the rela­tion­ship between fas­cism and reli­gion. See TheAntiFascist.com. Clip 1: The fas­cist ele­ment within the Zion­ist move­ment. [1:16] Clip 2: Use of Mus­lim armies as proxy war­riors by Ger­many dur­ing WWI and the for­mal devel­op­ment of Islamic fas­cism. [2:06] Clip 3: Rein­hard Gehlen; pas­sage from E. H. Cookridge’s 1971 biog­ra­phy, Gehlen: [...]

FTR #578 Darkness at Sunrise: The Interdiction and Cover-Up of Operation Savehaven

Recorded Novem­ber 26, 2006 REALAUDIO Intro­duc­tion: Doc­u­ment­ing neu­tral­iza­tion of the pro­gram to block the Nazi flight cap­i­tal pro­gram dur­ing and after World War II, this pro­gram high­lights the machi­na­tions of Allen Dulles in assur­ing the suc­cess of Oper­a­tion Eagle’s Flight. (Dulles, as well as his brother John Fos­ter, were attor­neys for the pow­er­ful Wall Street [...]

FTR #511 Uncle Sam & The Swastika: 25 Years Later

Rela­tion­ships between Ger­man and Amer­i­can firms that were instru­men­tal in the rise of the Third Reich.

FTR #433 Fifth Column, Part II

A Fifth Col­umn within the US polit­i­cal and mil­i­tary estab­lish­ments, embod­ied in the milieu of the Oper­a­tion Green Quest Raids.