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FTR #839 Interview (#2) with Peter Levenda about “The Hitler Legacy”

Resuming with, and further developing a key element of discussion highlighted in our previous interview, Peter sets forth “the origins of global jihad.” In the Middle East, the concept of global jihad was developed by German archaelogist Max von Oppenheim during the First World War. Envisioning the world’s Muslims as proxy warriors against the Entente Powers of Britain, France and Russia, von Oppenheim created the template for contemporary Islamic fascism and jihadism. Following the division of the former Ottoman Empire by Britain and France after World War I, the “Arab Street” began manifesting belief in an international global conspiracy involving Jews and the European colonial powers that resonated with the ideological anxieties of European and American power elites, German, in particular. Von Oppenheim’s strategy also employed the concept of “total war,” incorporating violence against civilians as part of the template that became a key feature of Islamist terrorism. The program also notes that, when the Nazi party came to power in Germany, NSDAP ideologues were placed in positions of influence around the world, where they interacted with like minded individuals and institutions. In the U.S., German spies worked closely with interests associated with Henry Ford, including and especially Ukrainian fascists who worked with the Third Reich. The program concludes with an account of Peter’s harrowing visit to the Chilean Nazi outpost Colonia Dignidad, a torture center for the Pinochet dictatorship, an epicenter of Operation Condor, a recipient of global Nazi money and the development site for weapons of mass destruction.

FTR #744 The Shape of Things to Come

Panultimate example of “offshore,” the seastedding movement sees “freedom and democracy” as incompatible. Those left on shore must accept dissolution of privacy, freedom and, yes, democracy. Hedge fund managers buying up all arable land in anticipation of economic and social armageddon.

Charter Cities: Another, BIG Step toward a Global “Corporate State”

Trans-national corporations underwriting implementation of “charter cities,” which would permit private, corporate-dominated municipal developments outside of any domestic governmental control.

Video Excerpts: The First Refuge of a Scoundrel

From an October, 2006 lecture about the relationship between fascism and religion. See TheAntiFascist.com. Clip 1: The fascist element within the Zionist movement. [1:16] Clip 2: Use of Muslim armies as proxy warriors by Germany during WWI and the formal development of Islamic fascism. [2:06] Clip 3: Reinhard Gehlen; passage from E. H. Cookridge’s 1971 […]

FTR #578 Darkness at Sunrise: The Interdiction and Cover-Up of Operation Savehaven

Powerful Wall Street lawyers like Allen Dulles began pursuing the U.S. elite’s corporate agenda even before the end of World War II, conspiring with this country’s enemies to establish the foundation of the Underground Reich and the Bormann capital network. In the process, they set the table for the Cold War, the McCarthy purges and the subversion of Operation Safehaven.

FTR #511 Uncle Sam & The Swastika: 25 Years Later

Relationships between German and American firms that were instrumental in the rise of the Third Reich.

FTR #433 Fifth Column, Part II

A Fifth Column within the US political and military establishments, embodied in the milieu of the Operation Green Quest Raids.