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FTR #770 Bit[coin]burg, Part 3: Fool’s Gold

Presented as an alternative to the existing monetary and fiscal paradigms, bitcoin is–in fact–as bad, or worse, than what it is designed to replace. Subject to a wide variety of crooked machinations, bitcoin also lends itself readily to concentration of ownership–get ready for the “bitcoin 1%.” The bitcoin milieu increasingly overlaps that of Eddie the Friendly Spook and “The Paulistinian Libertarian Organization.”

Going for the Gold in Cyprus (All that Glitters Is not . . . “Oh, Never Mind,” Part 2)

Reversing field time and again, the EMU’s not-so-wise men (and women) are destroying business confidence on the part of those who might be inclined to invest in the industrial or financial sectors of the eurozone’s troubled economies. It appears that 75% of Cyprus’ gold reserves are going to be appropriated as part of the “settlement.” Furthermore, this apparently comes as news to the Cypriot officials handling the situation for that unfortunate country.

Merkel demands hand over of sovereignty before any other options considered

This is one of those posts that has an “‘End Game” feel to it. Angela Merkel is now demanding that eurozone nations agree to a “fiscal union” far more “sovereignty-free” than earlier proposals, and that’s a precondition for further consideration of alternative/additional financial aid options. And on top of all that, the latest bailout fund comes with strings attached. Golden Strings. It’s getting ugly in the EU.