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German Intelligence, The National Socialist Underground and 9/11

Two investigations may well dovetail. We’ve covered the 9/11 attacks for years, beginning with analysis well before the events themselves. We note, also, our recent posts about the intelligence-linked National Socialist Union neo-Nazi group in Germany. Germany Watch has presented a working hypothesis that NSU’s murders were covering-up operational elements in the attacks.

“. . . Almost a Victory in the Third World War”

Waging “war by other means,” Germany has used its banks to do what Teutonic armies have accomplished in the past. A former Italian cabinet member has accused Germany of deliberately precipitating the euro-zone crisis. Tellingly, Renato Brunetta termed what Angela Merkel did as “almost a victory in the third world war.” It is vital to understand that the events overtaking the world were deliberate and preconceived. Germany is waging World War III in the economic sphere, rather than the military one, in keeping with the principles of Prussian military theoretician Carl von Clausewitz.

Austerity, Up Close and Personal, Part 3: The Continuation of War by Other Means

As the European debacle continues, we are in a position to further evaluate the depth and scope of the social destruction stemming from it. A recent report notes that Europe faces several “lost generations” as impoverished young people incur the damage resulting from “austerity.” Interestingly and significantly, large numbers of desperate, unemployed youth are seeking work in Germany. Ultimately, this figures to have the effect of increasing the social stress and pressure on the German workforce, who will face increased and intense competition for available jobs. “Anti-immigrant” sentiment has proved an effective recruiting tool for the far right around the world. The neo-fascist Golden Dawn has begun actively recruiting among Greek expatriates who have moved to Germany in search of work.

Roberto Calvi Linked to Pablo Escobar

It is now relatively well known that the late Pablo Escobar and the associated Medellin Cartel were heavily involved with the Iran-Contra cocaine traffic of the 1980’s. Press accounts have now surfaced in Italy and the UK about Escobar having banked some of his proceeds with Roberto Calvi’s Banco Ambrosiano. Found murdered in London in late 1982, Calvi was the adviser to the IOR, having succeeded the late Michele Sindona in that regard. (Like Calvi, Sindona was a member of the Licio Gelli’s P-2 Lodge.) Disclosure of the Calvi/Escobar link suggests another link between the Iran-Contra affair and the Stibam arms for drugs ring that heavily overlapped the milieu of the P-2, Vatican Bank and the Banco Ambrosiano.

Who and/or What is Behind the Fetullah Gulen Organization?

Big in the US, Gulen organization accused of dirty tricks, CIA/Islamist/Pan-Turkist affiliations. Is a “neo-Ottoman Empire” the goal?

Turkish Foreign Minister Pursues Ottoman Irredentist, Islamist and Revisionist Policy Course

COMMENT: In past programs, we’ve asked whether the newly invigorated pan-Turkist movement and Islamism might converge. Just such a development appears to be gaining momentum, with Turkish foreign minister Ahmet Davutoglu having observed  the Muslim holiday of Eid el-Fitr in Bosnia/Herzogovina. In addition to the fact that this former Yugoslavian province was part of the […]

FTR #720 Update on the Pan-Turkist Movement

Seeking a return to Ottoman Empire glory, Turkic peoples have been used by the Axis and then Western intelligence to promote fascism and destabilize the former USSR, modern Russia and China. Pan-Turkist alliances with fascist elements loom large today.

FTR #59 The Turkish “Stay Behind”

NATO operation code-named “Stay Behind” had a Turkish component utilizing the National Action Party and its youth wing, the Gray Wolves.

FTR #43 The Pope Shooting: Stibam

Listen now: One Segment The Stibam arms-for-drugs ring was one of the most important and least publicized elements of U.S. and NATO covert operations in the 1970s and 1980s. This program discusses connections between this operation’s drug business and the milieu of the fascist Grey Wolves, some of whose members shot the pope in May […]