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The Al-Dura Hoax: Another Judicial Ruling in the Case of Philippe Karsenty

Overwhelming evidence that Israeli killing of Palestinian boy in 2000 was a hoax. Litigation moving through French courts.

Yaqub Mirza, the Kaiser Family and Operation Green Quest

Influential Kaiser family tied to “Islamic investing.” Those entities tied to elements involved with al-Qaeda financing.

Dominating New Egyptian Parliament, Muslim Brotherhood Controls that Body’s House Speaker

Fascist Muslim Brotherhood gaining control of Egyptian politics, as predicted in For The Record. Predictions of liberal democracy proved wrong.

Egyptian Army and Muslim Brotherhood Join Forces

Muslim Brotherhood–Islamic fascist group historically allied with Axis nations of World War II and elements of CIA–allied with Egyptian Army, against Coptic Christians.

S and P Downgrades U.S. Credit Rating: “Hail Victory” for the SS Kampfgruppe Norquist

Bush allies McGraw family own S & P. Firm’s downgrade of U.S. debt music to GOP ears, realizing their goals. Goal of Bush debt policies was the creation of the fiscal crisis, justifying elimination of New Deal.

“Mine is Bigger than Yours Is!”–Prince Alwaleed Hires Saudi Bin Laden Group to Build World’s Tallest Tower

Muslim Brotherhood-linked Prince Alwaleed financing one of world’s tallest buildings in Saudi Arabia.

English Defense League Manifesting Classic Fascism

Defended by know-nothings as “populists” defending British civil liberties, English League leaders endorsing Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion, anti-Semitic forgery used by Hitler, Arabs, Muslim Brotherhood.

Democracy, Muslim Brotherhood Style

Hamas–the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood–murders other Palestinians, professes an overtly Nazi-inspired ideology, endorsing the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

CIA, Military Connections of Prominent “9/11 Mosque” Backer

Comment: Go figure! R. Leslie Deak, one of the seminal and most important backers of the “9/11 Mosque” project, has numerous ties to the intelligence community and defense establishment–CIA [apparently] in particular. As discussed in FTR #721, the State Department and CIA continue to support the Muslim Brotherhood, the Islamic fascist organization that looms large […]

FTR #722 The “9/11 Mosque” Tea Party and its Multiple Mad Hatters

“9/11 Mosque” Imam no moderate; second generation Muslim Brotherhood, his foreign language pronouncements and actions belie his “moderation;” Supporters and opponents ignore profound ties between their “side” and what they oppose.