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FTR #738 Turkish Taffy, Part II

Assurances to the contrary notwithstanding, Muslim Brotherhood poised to ascend in Egypt; Shedding the West’s old autocrats in the Middle East may benefit al-Qaeda; Obama poised for political destruction over these events.

Taqqiya Sunrise: The Lies of Tariq Ramadan

Muslim Brotherhood flunky Tariq Ramadan perpetuating the Islamic tradition of Taqqiya–lying to protect Islamic political warfare and conspiracy from detection by infidels.

FTR #722 The “9/11 Mosque” Tea Party and its Multiple Mad Hatters

“9/11 Mosque” Imam no moderate; second generation Muslim Brotherhood, his foreign language pronouncements and actions belie his “moderation;” Supporters and opponents ignore profound ties between their “side” and what they oppose.

FTR #373 The Ties That Bind, Part VI

Linking 9/11, the Oklahoma City bombing, Lockerbie, the 1993 WTC bombing, the AMIA bombing in Argentina and the Underground Reich.