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Hezbollah’s American Infrastructure Endorses Ron Paul

Institutions linked to Hezbollah supporting GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul, along with Nazi and white supremacist elements.

The Al-Dura Hoax: Another Judicial Ruling in the Case of Philippe Karsenty

Overwhelming evidence that Israeli killing of Palestinian boy in 2000 was a hoax. Litigation moving through French courts.

Iranian/Hezbollah Terror Team Allegedly Arrested in Argentina: Descendants of WWII Nazis Involved in Plot?

Were the descendants of World War II Nazis living in Argentina involved with the AMIA bombing?

Hamas: Darlings of the “Progressive Sector”

Comment: In the wake of the Gaza War of 2009-2010, Hamas has been lionized and idealized by much of the so-called “progressive sector” particularly in the United Kingdom and Europe. Below is the charter of that organization, the Palestinian branch of the fascist Muslim Brotherhood. It is, simply put, undiluted Nazi ideology. Hamas soldiers saluting […]

FTR #687 Update on 9/11 and Related Matters

Saudi money power helps them evade 9/11 guilt; investigation revealing connection between Bush administration and terror financing moves forward; CIA’s [ex] Scheuer’s treasonous remarks; Syrian nuke investigation continues.

FTR #661 Walkin’ the Snake in the Middle East, Part II: O.J. Agonistes and Palestinian Pornography

Referencing the Nazi tract Serpent’s Walk; comparing coverage of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict with the O.J. Simpson case.

FTR #653 Touching Bases with Daniel Hopsicker

Scandals overlapping the milieu of the Florida flight schools, through which many of the 9/11 hijackers received instruction.

Jihad and Jew-Hatred

Islamism, Nazism and the Roots of 9/11

FTR #622 More about the Nazi Origins of Islamic Fascism

Recorded January 27, 2008 MP3: Side 1 | Side 2 REALAUDIO Fleshing out the growing For The Record archives about Islamic fascism, this program sets forth the explicitly Nazi origins of the virulent anti-Semitism dominating much of the Islamic world. Although the Koran provides a foundation for Muslim anti-Semitism, the notion of Jews as a […]

Looking Under a Rock: FBI and CIA Hit New Low in Recruitment Drive

by Steven Emerson IPT News In a frightening and bizarre turn, the two chief agencies tapped with safeguarding America’s national security have started advertising in a publication that can only be described as objectively pro-terrorism. The online edition of the Washington Report for Middle East Affairs (WRMEA), a publication linked to former Congressman Paul Findley, […]