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Iranian City, Elements of Hungary’s neo-Fascist Jobbik Party Allying

An alliance of “Yockeyite” or Third Position character has taken shape in Hungary. A city controlled by the Hungarian Jobbik Party and an Iranian city have announced a cooperative agreement. Recapitulating Hungary’s fascist past to a considerable extent, the Jobbik Party on its surface would seem to have little in common with Iran, other than anti-Semitism.

Chuck Hagel’s Corporate Connections

Chuck Hagel has been either praised or excoriated for statements and positions he has made in the past. His institutional connections are of far more importance–many of those run in the direction of the Underground Reich and the transnational corporations. In addition to serving as a director of Chevron (Standard Oil of California), Hagel is a director of Zurich’s Holding Company of America and on the advisory board of Deutsche Bank of America. The latter was among the players in the subprime debacle from which the world is still struggling to emerge.

Hezbollah’s American Infrastructure Endorses Ron Paul

Institutions linked to Hezbollah supporting GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul, along with Nazi and white supremacist elements.

Iranian/Hezbollah Terror Team Allegedly Arrested in Argentina: Descendants of WWII Nazis Involved in Plot?

Were the descendants of World War II Nazis living in Argentina involved with the AMIA bombing?

Iranian Nazi Website: Run with Government Assistance?

Comment: A pro-Nazi website in Iran may well be operating with assistance from the Iranian government. In this context, one should not lose sight of historical and political links between Persia/Iran and the Third Reich. As discussed below, that country changed its name from Persian to Iran because the Persian political leadership became infatuated with […]

More Truth in Advertising: Hezbollah Welcomes Achmadinejad

Comment: Hezbollah troops demonstrated their Nazi/fascist political heritage when greeting visiting Iranian president Achmadinejad to Lebanon. Descended from the Devotees of Islam, a Shia permutation of the Islamofascist Muslim  Brotherhood, Hezbollah’s cadre display the legacy of the Grand Mufti and the Third Reich’s use of Muslims as proxy warrior. “Hezbollah Stronger than Ever as Achmadinejad […]

FTR #706 Interview with John Loftus: The Obama Administration as the Last Victim of World War II

Cover-up of U.S. economic support for Hitler led to creation of two CIA’s–one Democrat and one Republican that serves multinational corporations; Nuremberg trials subverted; Goldstone Report a sham.

FTR #704 Interview with John Loftus

Early 20th century Robber Barons embraced totalitarian systems; “Good for Business”; fascism, the Axis powers, World War II, and 9/11 result from this; Obama governing from the center and taking heat for it.

FTR #702 Miscellaneous Articles and Updates

Tiger Woods’ mother-in-law accused of sheltering war criminals; GOP rhetoric references Elin Woods; with bad economy, the influence of drug cartels increases; Growing clout of the militia movement, foot soldiers of the GOP.

FTR #687 Update on 9/11 and Related Matters

Saudi money power helps them evade 9/11 guilt; investigation revealing connection between Bush administration and terror financing moves forward; CIA’s [ex] Scheuer’s treasonous remarks; Syrian nuke investigation continues.