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New Book on Manson Killings and the Intelligence Community (UPDATED on 7/23/’19)

In FTR #809, we highlighted evidentiary tributaries running between the assassinations of both Kennedy brothers and the Manson crimes, the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy, in particular. The Reeve Whitson connection may have some connection to the information discussed in that program. A new book about the Manson Family and their killings highlights the probability that elements of the intelligence community may have had involvement with the group and its development. One of the most striking of the apparent intelligence community connections to the Manson investigation is the aforementioned Reeve Whitson. Reeve Whitson: 1.–Was alleged by Iranian immigrant Shahrokh Hatami to have phoned him with knowledge of the killings of Sharon Tate, et al, before the crime was reported by the news media and before law enforcement even arrived at the crime scene!; 2.–Was alleged by the LAPD’s top investigator and Sharon Tate’s father (a Colonel in Army intelligence) to have been deeply involved with the Manson investigation; 3.–Was alleged by attorney Neil Cummings to have maintained some kind of surveillance on the Cielo Drive home, as part of some sort of work he was doing for the intelligence community; 4.–Was confirmed as an officer of the CIA by his own ex-wife; 5.–Was known to have felt that he was–in the end–betrayed by the faction of the CIA for which he worked; 6.–Was associated, through his intelligence work with Otto Skorzeny and his wife Ilse; 7.–Was the special adviser to the chairman of the board of the Thyssen firm, also as part of his intelligence work; 8.–Was apparently a close associate of retired General Curtis LeMay, George Wallace’s Vice-Presidential candidate in 1968; 9.–Was associated with LeMay when the latter became vice-president of a missile parts manufacturer, which was headed by Mihai Patrichi. Patrichi was a former Romanian army general and a member of the Romanian Iron Guard, part of the Gehlen “Org” and the GOP.

August, 1944: The Cold War Begins in Earnest

Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty has written about an August, 1944 mission in which he participated that indicated that the beginning of the Cold War was underway well before VE Day: ” . . . .On August 23, 1944, the Romanians accepted Soviet surrender terms and in Bucharest the OSS rounded up Nazi intelligence experts and their voluminous Eastern European intelligence files and concealed among a trainload of American POW’s who were being quickly evacuated from the Balkans via Turkey. Once in ‘neutral” Turkey, the train continued to a planned destination at a site on the Syrian border, where it was stopped to permit the transfer of Nazis and POW’s to a fleet of U.S. [Army] Air Force planes for a flight to Cairo. I was the chief pilot of that flight of some thirty aircraft . . . .” We note that it was in August of 1944 that the famous “Red House” meeting at which the Bormann flight capital network realized under the auspices of Aktion Adlerflug was launched.

FTR #550 Going Native

Tibetan Buddhists, Islamists and Pan-Turkists working under the auspices of the House of Habsburg in order to precipitate the secession of Xinjiang province from China.

FTR #536 Liechtenstein, Oh Liechtenstein

Listen: MP3  Side 1  Side 2 REALAUDIO Introduction: Tackling an important but little known subject, this broadcast highlights the tiny European kingdom of Liechtenstein. Despite having a population of just over 30,000, this “constitutional” monarchy is an epicenter of money-laundering and high-level financial maneuvering, as well as some of the ills that come with that activity. […]

FTR #529 Nazi Roots and Fascist Flowers

Fascist elements originating in the period prior to, during and after the Second World War evolved and branched out during the Cold War. The fascism they manifested is blossoming in a number of different ways and places.

AFA 2: Looking Back From 1984

Role of SS veterans in Green Berets; Nazis returned to positions of power in Germany; Herbert Hoover prevented de-Nazification of German industry.

FTR #265 Dracula For President, Part 2: Forward Into the Past

Brownshirt tactics in American politics.

FTR #262 “Dracula for President!” Update on Euro-Fascism

Update on the rise of fascist elements in European nations.

FTR #233 Kevin Coogan’s Conceptualization of “The Order”

Hypothesizing an international fascist milieu originating from (though not coterminous with) the ideological orientation of the Waffen SS.

FTR #222 Fascism and the Black Metal Music Scene, Part II

Listen: MP3 One Segment Updating discussion from FTR-211, this program begins with discussion of National Alliance leader William Pierce’s acquisition of Resistance Records (a white power music label.) (Pierce is the head of the National Alliance, arguably the most important domestic Nazi group.) Planning to specialize in black metal music (among other genres), Pierce and […]