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Chuck Hagel’s Corporate Connections

Chuck Hagel has been either praised or excoriated for statements and positions he has made in the past. His institutional connections are of far more importance–many of those run in the direction of the Underground Reich and the transnational corporations. In addition to serving as a director of Chevron (Standard Oil of California), Hagel is a director of Zurich’s Holding Company of America and on the advisory board of Deutsche Bank of America. The latter was among the players in the subprime debacle from which the world is still struggling to emerge.

That 30’s Show

Many commentators have observed the ominous parallels between our present fiscal crisis and the economic factors that led to the Great Depression and the rise of fascism, although few note the connections between consummately powerful political and economic forces and the sad, tragic events that resulted from their policies.

Memorial Day Post: The Past Isn’t Dead and Buried, It Isn’t even Past

As America remembers its dead from fallen wars, it is incumbent upon us to remember what caused those wars, and for what ideals our soldiers fought. The political and economic forces that precipitated World War II are only too much with us today, and the commentary by Dorothy Thompson and James Stewart Martin has never been more relevant.

Fascism and the Dangers of Economic Concentration

A 1980 broadcast highlights economic concentration and its historical relationship to fascism. The issue of the “1%” versus the “99%” is not new.

FTR #396 Economics, Geopolitics, & Proxy War In the Middle East

9/11 as a continuation of a geopolitical struggle between the Underground Reich and the United States.

FTR #372 What’s Going On Here? Part 3

Bush family economic ties to Saudi perpetrators of 9/11 lead to cover-up; compare to treasonous French elite prior to World War II.

FTR #346 Pearl Harbor Meets the Reichstag Fire, Part III: Nation Building by the Underground Reich

Bush family alliances with the Muslim Brotherhood and old Nazis help bring fascism to the U.S.