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Newsweek Publisher Has Unification Church Background

In FTR #291, we examined the Unification Church as an extension of the Japanese Patriotic Societies, that brought fascism to Japan through a program of political assassination and propaganda. David Jang, whose business enterprises control both Newsweek and The International Business Times, has a background in the Unification Church, formerly headed by the Reverend Sun Myung Moon.

Winds of War Blowing over Northern Pacific Islands?

There has been a significant uptick in real or alleged military confrontations over disputed islands in the North Pacific. Conservative commentator Ambrose Evans-Pritchard has noted the possible drift toward war between Japan and China over uninhibited and disputed Islands. Japan has also accused Russia of fomenting confrontation over the disputed Kuriles.

The Yakuza’s Cleanup Crew: It’s Not What You Think But Still Alarming

It has long been known that the yakuza are an important component of Japan’s political power structure. It turns out that Japan’s nuclear power structure has a long history with the yakuza too. This became an important reality shortly after the Fukushima catastrophe. Serious challenges remain. Yakuza too.

Currency Wars: The New World Ordoliberalism

There’s been quite a bit of chatter lately about the threat of “Currency Wars” amongst global policymakers. It’s part of a larger debate over just what kind of economic policies and modes of central banking should even be philosophically allowable. The Bundesbank has some strong ideas about what governments should and should not be allowed to do with their monetary and fiscal policies. Not surprisingly, they’re also bad ideas.

Fitch downgrades Japan. Tsunamis and nuclear meltdowns take a back seat to austerity

Japan surprised the world with the strongest growth of any major developed economy in the first quarter of 2012. So, of course, the austerity gods are demanding their tributes.

Blast from the Past: Reagan, George H.W. Bush Administrations Aided Secret Japanese Nuclear Weapons Program

Reagan, Bush I administrations secretly armed Japan with weapons-grade plutonium. Space exploration projects a cover for Japanese nuclear arms development. How far do these tentacles reach?

Economic Difficulties Fuel Rise of Far-Right Groups in Japan; They Compare Themselves to “Tea Parties”

Comment: The social dislocation produced by the economic distress of Japan’s “Lost Decade” has stimulated the rise of far right groups reminiscent both of the patriotic and ultra-nationalist societies that led to the rise of fascism in Japan in the 1920’s and 1930’s and the “Tea Parties” in the U.S., with whom many of them […]

Consortium of European neo-Fascists Visits Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo

Comment: An international fascist organization–primarily European in character–has visited the controversial Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo. Commemorating Japanese war dead and counting war criminals among those commemorated there, the shrine is controversial, and Japanese leaders visits to it have stirred hostility in countries victimized by the Japanese in World War II. Visited by Jean-Marie Le Pen […]

The Moonies and Michael Jackson

Comment: In FTR #695, we examined the array of sinister forces grouped around Jackson at the time of his demise. To these, we can now add the Moonies–the Unification Church of Sun Myung Moon, analyzed in AFA #7 and FTR #291 as extensions of the Japanese Patriotic and Ultra-Nationalist societies. [Those societies paved the way […]

Japanese politicians plundered bottomless state fund

Senior Japanese politicians used a secret bottomless state fund to bribe opponents and help fund their election campaigns, it has been disclosed. by Julian Ryall Telegraph.co.uk Former officials have come forward to describe a huge safe in the chief cabinet secretary’s office stacked with tens of millions of yen that they were able to hand […]