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FTR #950 Shock to the System: Further Reflections on the Breitbart Axis

This broadcast updates coverage of key aspects of the Nazi/fascist, oops, we mean “alt-right,” milieu that moved into government courtesy of the Trumpenkampfverbande and Breitbart.

Further developing the terrifying reality of what Artificial Intellligence (AI) can accomplish for the dedicated fascist, oops, we mean “alt-right” adherent, we note an important address given at SXSW. Microsoft researcher Kate Crawford gave a speech titled “Dark Days: AI and the Rise of Fascism.” The presentation highlighted the social impact of machine learning and large-scale data systems. The take home message? By delegating powers to Bid Data-driven AIs, those AIs could become fascist’s dream: Incredible power over the lives of others with minimal accountability: ” . . . .’This is a fascist’s dream,’ she said. ‘Power without accountability.’ . . . .”

Turning next to the political philosophy of Steve Bannon and the seminal influences on its development, we refresh our acquaintance with Curtis Yarvin, aka “Mencius Moldbug,” a herald of the Dark Enlightment.

Curtis Yarvin has actually opened a backchannel advisory connection to the White House.

Note that the Bannon influences all seem to agree that what is needed is “a shock to the system.” We may very well experience just that. ” . . . . . . . . Bannon’s readings tend to have one thing in common: the view that technocrats have put Western civilization on a downward trajectory and that only a shock to the system can reverse its decline. . . . ”

Fascist philosopher Julius Evola is another of the key influences on Bannon. Evola was an early occult fascist, with strong connections with Mussolini’s Italy. Eventually Evola established strong, lasting connections with the Nazi SS, both operationally and ideologically.

He is another advocate of the “shock to the system”/”blow it up” approach to the status quo. ” . . . Changing the system, Evola argued, was ‘not a question of contesting and polemicizing, but of blowing everything up.’ . . . .”

A revealing influence on Bannon is a French novel The Camp of the Saints by Jean Raspail. “. . . . The Camp of the Saints — which draws its title from Revelation 20:9 — is nothing less than a call to arms for the white Christian West, to revive the spirit of the Crusades and steel itself for bloody conflict against the poor black and brown world without and the traitors within. The novel’s last line links past humiliations tightly to its own grim parable about modern migration. ‘The Fall of Constantinople,’ Raspail’s unnamed narrator says, ‘is a personal misfortune that happened to all of us only last week.’ . . . . ”

In FTR #947, we highlighted Sebastian Gorka, a Breitbart alumnus and Hungarian fascist. Gorka is now the Trump administration’s point man working against Islamic terrorism. His view (and Bannon’s) that we are engaged in an historic clash of civilizations. That is precisely the point of view expressed by ISIS (and The Camp of the Saints) and will play into their hands.

That, in turn, will help propel the U.S. into more endless wars on the periphery of our empire, ultimately sapping the nation’s vitality and leading to the fall of the U.S. in a manner delineated in FTR #944.

After reviewing Gorka’s anti-Semitism, his profound connections to three generations of Hungarian fascism dating to the pre-World War II period and confirmation of his allegiance to the Order of Vitezi Rend, we highlight the fact that Gorka is part of the Strategic Initiatives Group, something of a parallel NSC formed by Steve Bannon. It reminds us of Hitler’s creation of a parallel general staff, born of a mistrust of his own senior officers and a desire to have a trusted cadre to obey his orders.

” . . . . In the United States, Gorka, who was appointed deputy assistant to the president on January 20, is known as a television commentator, a professor and an “alt-right” writer who describes himself as a counterterrorism expert. A close associate of Stephen Bannon, Trump’s chief strategist, Gorka is now part of Bannon’s key in-house White House think tank, the Strategic Initiatives Group. The newly formed group consists of figures close to Trump and is seen by some as a rival to the National Security Council in formulating policies for the president. . . .”

The conclusion of the program foreshadows discussion in our next broadcast, which will critically examine Bernie Sanders campaign and disturbing indications that his candidacy may have been generated by the Underground Reich as a vehicle for infiltrating and destabilizing the Democratic Party.

In FTR #941, we highlighted the push by Bernie Sanders and his prominent backer Tulsi Gabbard to have Keith Ellison, an African-American Muslim to be head of the DNC. He was not elected head of the DNC, but is now deputy chair of the DNC, the position formerly held by Gabbard.

Ellison is networked with the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Nation of Islam as well. ” . . . . Indeed, the June 21, 1998 article states that at that time – that is, three years after Farrakhan’s march – Ellison was a member of the Nation of Islam: ‘Ellison has been active in the community, but not within the established DFL party [the Democratic Party in Minnesota]. A member of the Nation of Islam, Ellison was the coordinator of the Minnesota participants in the Million Man March and the subsequent community group that formed.’ . . . .”

In a point of discussion that will be conducted at greater length in our next program, we conclude by noting that another of Keith Ellison’s supporters to head the DNC was Faisal Gill, a Grover Norquist protege whom we covered in FTR #467.

Program Highlights Include: review of Gorka’s formation of a fascist party in Hungary in the last decade; review of Gorka’s doctrinaire anti-Semitism; review of Gorka’s networking with members of the Jobbik Party in Hungary; review of Gorka’s supportive attitude toward the Arrow Cross Party, which allied with Hitler; review of Jobbik’s affinity with Julius Evola; review of Karl Rove’s and Grover Norquist’s seminal support for the creation of a Muslim Brotherhood branch of the GOP.

Growth of Slovakian Fascism Illustrates the Dynamic Underlying Brexit and the Trumpenkampfverbande

Portrayed by the mainstream media as –of course–“populists,” the L’SNS led by Marian Kotleba (right) manifested their agenda upon joining the Slovakian parliament: ” . . . But one of the first acts of the new members of L’SNS in Slovakia’s parliament was to demand a minute of silence to mark the day Jozef Tiso was hanged in 1947 for treason–Tiso was the head of Slovakia’s pro-Nazi, totalitarian government when 70,000 Slovaks were deported to their deaths during World War II. . . .”

“Fascionable” Again in Europe

We’ve told you so–over and over and (present-participle, expletive deleted) over again! Fascism is descending over much of the world. In Europe, the economic conditions deriving from the Euro-austerity doctrine mandated by Germany are bearing fruit similar to the harvest of the 1930’s brought about by the Great Depression.

FTR #794 The Fires This Time: Update on the Ukraine

In addition to detailing the maneuvering surrounding the abundant natural gas reserves in Ukraine, the program highlights efforts by the EU and U.S. fossil fuel interests to manipulate the Ukrainian crisis to their advantage. Accessing excellent work by Robert Parry, the broadcast underscores the Orwellian coverage of the crisis by U.S. and German media. Deliberately avoiding discussion of the Nazi character of the Ukrainian provisional government, Western media have obfuscated the deliberate burning alive of pro-Russian protesters in the Eastern part of the country. Apparently assisted by elements of American and German intelligence, the neo-Nazi OUN/B successors in Ukraine are affiliated with The Order, best known for having murdered radio talk show host Alan Berg.

Ukraine Update: OUN/B Heirs Becoming More Violent, Reportedly Aided by Western Intel Elements, U.S. Mercs

German Foreign Policy–which feeds along the right hand side of the front page of this website–updates reportage on the Ukrainian crisis. In addition to highlighting the participation of Pravy Sektor recruits in the national security militia of the OUN/B heirs ruling the interim government in Ukraine, the article notes the apparent assistance of elements of U.S. intelligence (and possibly BND), as well as U.S. mercenary fighters from the firm formerly known as Blackwater.

FTR #784 “First, Tame the Intellectuals . . . .”

Several Swoboda parliamentary deputies roughed up the director of the largest state TV station in Ukraine and forced his resignation–this because he broadcast excerpts of Putin’s speech about the annexation of Crimea. The assault was led by Ihor Miroshnychenko, the Deputy Chair of the par­lia­men­tary Com­mit­tee on Free­dom of Speech and Infor­ma­tion! Like the U.S. media, the German media have been systematically misrepresenting Swoboda as something other than the fascist organization it clearly is. Much of the program deals with the nature of the so-called democratic opposition in Russia, about which we’ve heard so much caterwauling of late. In particular, the program highlights the true political cache of Alexei Navalny, recently featured as an op-ed writer in The New York Times.

FTR #783 Can You Put Lipstick on a Nazi?

The OUN/B heirs dominating the Ukrainian government are engaging in wholesale fascist propaganda and indoctrination of children. As NATO, Germany and the U.S. scramble to put lipstick on the Nazi pig holding power in Ukraine, assurances are being given that people have nothing to fear. The history of OUN/B mass murder reveals that JUST such assurances presage murder and mayhem. German government and neo-Nazi links to Swoboda emerge, as Swoboda deputies manhandle a state television executive.

German Support for Swoboda Includes NPD, NGO’S; Swoboda Parliamentary Debuties Brutalize State Television Executive

An article in Germany’s venerable Der Spiegel informs us that, in addition to the relationship between Germany’s top neo-Nazi party and Swoboda, the latter has interfaced with, and received support from, Germany’s ambassador to the Ukraine and NGO’s associated with Angela Merkel’s CDU. Angered by a state television station’s broadcast of Vladimir Putin’s speech announcing the absorption of Crimea into the Ukraine, several Swoboda parliamentary deputies assaulted him and forced him to sign a paper of resignation.

Darkness Descends on the Ukraine, or Can You Put Lipstick on a Nazi?

A recent article from George Eliason informs us that: the Swoboda and Pravy Sektor dominated education ministry is engaging in forced “Ukrainianization” of children; Pravy Sektor’s Dymytro Yarosh is openly talking about seizing land that is in Russia; in an attempt at putting lipstick on the pig, Yarosh has assured the Israeli ambassador that ther will be no anti-Semitism under the “new” government of Ukraine; Yatseniyuk, Yuschenko and Timoshenko are part and parcel to the OUN/B heritage, the latter two are accolytes of Slava Stetsko, the de-facto head of the Ukrainian National Socialist government in exile.

FTR #782 All’s Well That’s Orwell, Part 2: The Ministry of Truth and the Ukrainian Crisis, Part 2 (Schmemann Uber Alles)

The broadcast highlights the Orwellian nature of U.S. media coverage of the events in the Ukraine. In particular, the disgraceful behavior of The New York Times–the CIA’s #1 propaganda asset–is set forth here. The whitewashing of the Nazi and fascist nature of the government in the Ukraine and casual dismissal of accurate Russian claims as “propaganda” by the “Gray Lady” as the Times is known, has set the tone for the rest of our media to resonate with the dictates of our Ministry of Truth. We wonder about the influence in the Times’ coverage of Serge Schmemann, as well as the possible future role of Islamist and Pan-Turkist elements in the crisis.