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All’s Well that’s Orwell: According to the Ministry of Truth, Moderation Looks Like This!

So, according to The Ministry of Truth, Swoboda is now “moderate.” We guess that’s what happens when the leader of the group (pictured at right) meets with the Secretary of State (John Kerry.) In 2010, Oleh Tyanhybok, the leader of the group was honored by veterans of the 14th Waffen SS division (Galicia).
Their concept of “skull and bones” differs rather dramatically from Kerry’s.

FTR #780 OUN/B Redux, Part 2

This program continues analysis of the installation in the Ukraine of a government composed largely of political forces evolved from, and manifesting ideological continuity with, the fascist OUN/B. The Ukraine, which has a quarter of the world’s proven natural gas reserves, appears headed for EU/German/IMF dictated austerity, which will further devastate the country. OUN/B-linked elements who were ensconced in the Reagan and Bush administrations have been bashing and pressuring Obama over his response to the Ukraine crisis.

FTR #779 OUN/B Redux: The Underground Reich and the Ukrainian Crisis

For decades, we have cov­ered the OUN/B, a Ukrain­ian fas­cist orga­ni­za­tion allied with the Ger­man gen­eral staff in World War II. With a pro­found pres­ence in the GOP’s Eth­nic divi­sion, as well as the con­tem­po­rary Ukrain­ian polit­i­cal infra­struc­ture, the OUN/B is any­thing but an his­tor­i­cal relic. Centered on the Swoboda party, as well as the Pravy Sektor, the military and judicial processes in the Ukraine are firmly under the control of the OUN/B heirs.

Picture Worth a Thousand-Year Reich, er . . . a Thousand Words

For all the words that have been written, nothing can convey the prevailing political realities in the Ukraine better than a picture of Swoboda leader Oleh Tiah­ny­bok saluting, at right. A primary descendant of the OUN/B, Swoboda is heavily represented in the current Ukrainian government.

OUN/B Heirs Hold Prominent Ministerial Posts in Ukraine

Swoboda and Pravy Sektor are the most prominent parties that are the direct political heirs to the OUN/B, a Ukrainian fascist organization allied with the Third Reich and its most murderous subsidiary organizations–the SS, Gestapo and Einsatzgruppen. Both Swoboda and Pravy Sektor are prominently represented in the Ukrainian cabinet that succeeded the ousted Viktor Yanukovich.

Confederate Flags in Kiev and “Peace Street” Renamed for the Einsatzgruppe Nachtigall

In the mainstream of liberal commentary, Salon.com offers an article by Max Blumenthal that supplements and reinforces much of what we have been presenting. Tracing the Nazi-collaborationist history of the OUN/B (the parent organization of the Swoboda and Pravy Sektor elements in the Ukraine), the story notes the organization’s evolution through the Cold War including its incorporation into the GOP and the Reagan administration. Swoboda officials have renamed a street in Lviv after the Einsatzgruppe Nachtigall. Lviv is an epicenter of Ukrainian fascism and revisionism.