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Germany and the Fragmenting of the United Kingdom

So-called “progressive” elements within the EU are advancing the German agenda of working to fragment larger nations. In addition to the Greens, the European Free Alliance is moving to redraw the map of Europe, with a greatly expanded Germany. German NGO’s are supporting the secession of parts of the United Kingdom. Some of those same NGO’s have also been supportive of terrorist/Muslim Brotherhood elements during the so-called Arab Spring.

Austerity as a Vehicle for Breaking Up Nations

Over the years, we have covered the Hapsburg/Thyssen UNPO and its championing of ethnic minorities as a vehicle for breaking up large nations into smaller, more pliable states. Using the human suffering and social dislocation brought about by its “austerity” program to fragment large nations, Germany is actively supporting the secession of Catalonia from Spain and, in cooperation its Austrian partner, the South Tyrol from Italy. Manifesting what, for lack of a better term, might be called “ethnic imperialism,” Germany is using far-right, neo-Nazi elements as foot soldiers to assist the vertriebene groups in promoting the secession of German-speaking minorities in Poland and other parts of Eastern Europe. Targeting China, Germany continues its equivocal support for individuals and ethnic groups seeking to fragment that nation. As we have seen in past discussion, the United States is also targeted for Balkanization and subversion.

Eurozone Debt Crisis, Balkanization and the Growth of Greater Germany

Austerity pushed by Germany serving to break up indebted nations. Severed regions will be allied with New Reich.

Israeli Cabinet Member Perpetuates Iraeli Right Wing’s Tradition of Nazi/Fascist Interface

Israeli deputy prime minister hobnobs with Swedish fascist from the Carl Lundstrom/Joran Jermas/WikiLeaks milieu; latest incident in a disturbing trend of the Israeli right-wing.

European Neo-Fascist Parties Network with U.S. Tea Party, Israeli Right-Wing

Austrian Freedom Party and the Belgian Vlaams Belang networking with U.S. Tea Party. Same interests networking with Israeli right wing, which has a fascist heritage itself.

Joerg Haider Hid Millions in Liechtenstein Accounts

Comment: The late Austrian fascist leader appears to have hid millions in Liechtenstein accounts. Long a money-laundering vehicle for various fascist and criminal elements, Liechtenstein has become a focal point for various countries seeking accounts belonging to tax dodgers in their respective countries. Note that his Freedom Party began as a vehicle for the political […]

Belgian Fascist/Separatist Party Gains in Parliamentary Elections

Comment: The Vlaams Blok, a party advocating the partitioning of Belgium into French and Dutch speaking entities, has done very well in recent elections. The Vlaams Blok has strong fascist overtones and is closely connected to other European Euro fascist parties and individuals. “Separatist Party Wins Big in Belgian Elections” by Robert Welaard [AP]; Yahoo.com; […]

FTR #700 Deutschland Über Alles

Germany moving to realize Hitler’s geopolitical goals; Austria to become part of “Greater Germany?” Switzerland, Italy and Spain to face fragmentation? France’s Sarkozy adopts German revisionism.

FTR #677 Update on Global Fascism

The old SS giving rise to new fascism in Austria and Germany; Mussolini’s heirs move into the Italian mainstream; Continuity of foreign policy between the “new” Germany and the Third Reich.

FTR #396 Economics, Geopolitics, & Proxy War In the Middle East

9/11 as a continuation of a geopolitical struggle between the Underground Reich and the United States.