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FTR #400 This Earth Island

Karl Haushofer and Hitler’s geostrategists term “Earth Island;” struggle of Underground Reich, Islamofascist, secular Arab fascist allies against the U.S.

FTR #293 Retrospective on the Balkan Wars

The role of Germany and “The Underground Reich” in the disintegration of Yugoslavia.

FTR #184 Update on the Balkans Wars

Listen: Side 1 | Side 2 This program provides information supplemental to that presented in previous broadcasts on the Balkans conflicts. Beginning with a characteristically excellent article by Diana Johnstone, the discussion highlights aspects of the re-emergence of fascism in Croatia. Displaying an open nostalgia for Hitler and the murderous Ustashe collaborationist regime of Ante […]

FTR #165 Kosovo Update

Deputy mayor of Varvarin, Yugoslavia describes storms and earthquake as caused by “the CIA.” Recognizable as project HAARP.

L-7 The Balkans War

The privileged status of Slovenia and Croatia during the Austro-Hungarian empire’s occupation of what is now Yugoslavia.

FTR #161 Muslim-Waffen SS Influence in the Balkans

Nazi recruitment among ethnic Muslim populations significantly affected the war in a number of areas.

FTR #159 Update on the Kosovo Conflict

Russian Prime Minister Sergie Stepashin reviewed Soviet-era intelligence files documenting collusion between the Reagan-Bush campaign and the Khomeini forces in Iran.

FTR #153 Kosovo, Albania and Organized Crime

Domination of Albanian political life by crime syndicates. The westerly influx of large numbers of criminals strengthens fascist political sentiment in Western Europe.

FTR #151 Drugs and the Kosovo Liberation Army

Hailed as international heroes in 1999 NATO bombing of the Serbs, the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) has been linked to drug trafficking.

FTR #147 Background to the Conflict in Kosovo

Ethnic and political divisions in Yugoslavia during World War II, Kosovo’s ethnic Albanians’ support for Nazi invasion of Yugoslavia, program of extermination of the Serbs.