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FTR #284 Harken Unto Me: Business as Usual for the Bush Family

It was under the auspices of the Carlyle Group that Bush met with Crown Prince Abdullah of Saudi Arabia during the 2000 presidential campaign, in order to discuss “American-Saudi business affairs.”

FTR #187 Update on Germany

Listen: Side 1 | Side 2 As indicated by the title, this broadcast supplements information previously presented about German corporate imperialism and sub-rosa fascism. Beginning with a story about Germany’s expulsion of two CIA operatives stationed in that country, the program highlights the growing conflicts between U.S. and German intelligence, symptomatic of mounting friction between […]

FTR #131 The Loot of the Argentine Holocaust

Listen: One segment Tracing the evolution of Latin American fascism from the roots planted at the end of World War II (see FTR-130), this broadcast highlights a disturbing methodological similarity between the Argentine fascists of the 1970s and 80s and their Third Reich progenitors: the looting of the possessions of their victims and utilization of […]