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FTR #810 A Prince Too Far

Pop conspiracy theory casts the Bilderberger group in a sensationalist, politically and historically illiterate “New World Order” context. In this broadcast, we examine the history of Prince Bernhard, the former SS officer and I.G. Farben spy who founded the group, against the background of the Battle of Arnhem (Operation Market Garden) in September of 1944. As head of the Dutch “resistance,” apparent double agent Bernhard sacrificed a resistance fighter named Christian Lindemans (code named “King Kong”), who took the blame for the deliberate betrayal of the Allied battle plan. Sabotage of the Arnhem operation has also been partly attributed to Peter Carrington (later Lord Carrington and former British Foreign Secretary during the run-up to the Falkalands War.) Attacked for his stunning lack of insight with regard to the Argentine fascist junta’s invasion of those islands, Carrington has never been properly vetted with regard to the betrayal of part of the British battle plan for the Falkalnds campaign. The program also examines the fascist activities and involvements of Bernhard’s heirs in the Royal Family of the Netherlands.

The Newtown Massacre, Pedophile Priests and the Pope’s Resignation: A Conspiracy Theory Within a Conspiracy Theory

Red Alert: this is one helluva conspiracy theory. In fact, it is–as the title indicates–a conspiracy theory within a conspiracy theory. Newtown shooter Adam Lanza existed in an environment inhabited by pedophile priests, apparently enjoying tacit support from the Church hierarchy in the area, something that has been largely eclipsed by other points of debate. Neil Allen has chronicled the presence of serial pedophile priests in the church and Catholic school Lanza attended. IF Adam Lanza was molested by Castaldo and/or others as Neil Allen has hypothesized, we wonder if that may have helped to precipitate the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI in February of 2013. Lanza was apparently preoccupied with pedophilia.

“It’s Easier to Develop a Child than to Rehabilitate an Adult”: How Many Child Molestation Investigations Overlap?

How many of the emerging child-molestation scandals emerging actually overlap and what sort of power-political interests have been utilizing those enmeshed in the affairs for blackmail and political and/or economic gain? The Opus-Dei linked GOP senator Rick Santorum was a promoter and defender of convicted child molester Jerry Sandusky. Is there a Vatican link to the Penn State scandal? Disgraced British Cardinal Keith O’Brian was close to the late Jimmy Savile, a Vatican knight who was an inveterate pedophile.

Keepin’ On Keepin’ On: Will Ratzinger/Benedict Become the Vatican’s “Holy Ghost” (Spook)?

There are numerous indications that “fascist-friendly” institutional continuity will be maintained at the Vatican. The Pope will have the title of “Emeritus Pope.” This will allow him to wield influence behind the scenes. That should be easy to accomplish. The Pope will continue to reside Vatican City, retaining diplomatic immunity from future prosecution or litigation. Ratzinger/Benedict’s successor may well be someone cut from the same fabric as he. The timing of the conclave that will select the next pontiff may be moved up.

Vatican Report and the Pope’s Resignation: “Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!”

We’ve posted several times in connection with the resignation of Benedict XVI. Media speculation has centered on a report submitted to Ratzinger/Benedict detailing blackmail of a powerful “Velvet Mafia” of gay prelates inside the Vatican. That scandal appears to be overlapping some of the inquiries into the Vatican finances. Apparently blackmailed by outsiders over their extensive and relatively visible liaisons, the “Velvet Mafia” appears to have had dealings with the Vatican bank–long a focus of intrigue and covert fascist machinations.

Another “Interesting” Maneuver by Ratzinger/Benedict

Pope Benedict’s resignation has garnered much speculation as to the reason why. Less speculation has been given to some of the appointments that the Pope has made just before leaving the Vatican. The Vatican official representing the Holy See to Moneyval (overseeing money laundering and terrorism investigations for the Council of Europe) has been transferred to Colombia. Might this have anything to do with the reputed relationship between late Vatican financial adviser Roberto Calvi and Pablo Escobar of the Medellin Cartel?

Parting Shot from “Der Panzerkardinal”: Keeping Scandal Hidden (Under the Rock of St. Peter)

The history of the Vatican Bank, the IOR, is inextricably linked with scandal and the history of the Holy See’s involvement with fascism. The outgoing Pope has named a German member of the Knights of Malta to head that institution. (The Knights of Malta or SMOM is, basically, the military wing of the Vatican.) Ratzinger/Benedict’s selection is Ernst von Freyberg, a member of the board of Blohm & Voss, the German shipmaker and manufacturer of warships for Hitler and the Federal Republic of Germany.

Getting in Dutch: The Third Reich and the Royal Family of the Netherlands (“A Prince Too Far”)

Generations of the Netherlands’ Royal Family link to the Third Reich and its postwar manifestations. Prince Bernhard was SS, an IG Farben spy and a traitor to the Allied Cause. Was he “the Traitor of Arnhem?”

FTR #624 Miscellaneous Articles and Updates

Recorded February 28, 2008 MP3: Side 1 | Side 2 REALAUDIO As indicated by the title, this program supplements discussion topics covered in past broadcast, as well as introducing some new items of interest. Beginning with a look at one of the more frivolous stories preoccupying an American journalistic community that should be paying more […]

FTR #610 The Knights of Malta Revisited

Recorded September 16, 2007 MP3: Side 1 | Side 2 REALAUDIO Recorded in late 1982, this program sets forth information about a powerful, but little known, Catholic order known as the Knights of Malta. Formed during the Crusades, the organization draws together influential political, military, intelligence and business officials who have (or are in a […]