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FTR #577 Truth and Consequences—Interview with Ed Haslam and Daniel Hopsicker

Evidentiary tributaries stretch from Jim Garrison’s New Orleans investigation of JFK’s assassination to an epidemic of soft tissue cancer, AIDS, and the 9/11 attacks.

FTR #572 The Liberty Incident

The attack on the U.S.S. Liberty electronic spy ship may well have been due to electronic spying on Israel.

FTR #556 Update on 9/11 and Related Matters

The Al-Taqwa milieu revealed by the Operation Green Quest raids links to 9/11, the GOP and Bush administration, the Muslim Brotherhood and the Underground Reich. Neworks linked to the JFK assassination are explored.

FTR #524 The Safari Club and the ‘Islamic Bomb’

Recorded August 28, 2005 REALAUDIO Since 9/11, there has been a heightened level of discussion on the possibility of nuclear terrorism, particularly in light of the A.Q. Khan network and the smuggling of nuclear technology from Pakistan to a number of other countries. This broadcast sets forth information that demonstrates the complicity of the Safari […]

FTR #501 Norbert Schlei and the Strange Case of the “57’s”

Norbert Schlei, former assistant attorney general under JFK, attempted to redeem Japanese government bonds issued against the M-Fund, a slush fund from Japanese loot from WWII.

Miscellaneous Archive Shows M31—M62

Program details and audio links.

FTR #489 2nd Interview with Robert Parry

Illegal and treasonous GOP gambits during election years; politicization of intelligence since George H. W. Bush’s tenure as CIA director.

FTR #486 Looking Back at the Kennedy Assassination

Recorded November 21, 2004 REALAUDIO In observance of the 41st anniversary of President Kennedy’s assassination, this program notes that it is primarily the media that perpetuate the preposterous fiction of Lee Harvey Oswald the “lone nut” assassin. The Warren Report (issued forty years ago) was constructed primarily to save the U.S. from severe political embarrassment. […]