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Man sickened by ricin is arrested

Released from Las Vegas hospital, he faces toxin, weapons charges AP LAS VEGAS – An unemployed graphic designer who authorities believe was nearly killed by ricin was arrested Wednesday on federal charges that he possessed the deadly toxin as part of an “exotic idea,” never carried out, to poison his enemies. Roger Bergendorff, who authorities […]

AFA 35: The December Surprise

Linking the December, 1988 bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 to Iran-Contra cover-up.

FTR #340 Mein Jihad: Islamofascism and Geopolitics

Muslim Brotherhood, precursor to al Qaeda and Hamas, fulfills Hitler’s dream; Muslim SS division revived in 1990s.

US Government Still on Ropes Over Lockerbie

by John AshtonThe Mail on Sunday – London There are two very different theories about Lockerbie, the first is black and white; the second is murky and gray. The black and white version presents the bombing as a victory of terrorist cunning over American innocence. The gray version suggests that Uncle Sam has as much […]