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Single Mystery Investor Triggered Collapse of Key Bank of America Fund: Identity to Remain Secret

A single investor–whose identity will remain secret–played a key role in the Wall Street Crash of 2008 by withdrawing $20 billion from a Bank of America fund. Who was this investor? Why are they not being identified?

“Somewhere . . . Beyond the Sea . . . ” (Apologies to Bobby Darin)

Seeking to escape the ruin they are visiting on our society, super-rich are looking to sea and space colonies to escape social appocalypse. Facebook financier Peter Thiel (“Freedom and democracy are mutually exclusive”) behind it.

FTR #675 Interview with Lucy Komisar: No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

Food Services Giant Sodexo’s scams cost taxpayers, school children big bucks; Timothy Geithner ignored U.S. Treasury bonds naked short selling; Swiss Banks joining AIG in offshore machinations.

FTR #665 Update on the Meltdown, Part 2

With much information undisclosed, mind-boggling scope of financial meltdown might precipitate resurgence of fascism; Madoff affair truly massive.

FTR #386 “All Around the World” An Update on September 11

Linking 9/11, Oklahoma City Bombing and 1993 WTC bombing; Bush ties to Saudi Arabia frustrate investigations into 9/11 and al-Qaeda financing.

FTR #387 Interview with Lucy Komisar on The Financial War on Terror

Financial aspects of the abortive “War on Terror.”

FTR #376 A View From the Bridge

Bush family links to Nazis and Islamists behind 9/11; Big Oil, GOP and Third Reich joined by economic, operational and historical ties.

Banking with Bin Laden

Like any other large, global operation, international terrorists need to move large sums of money across borders clandestinely.