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FTR #751 Interview with Russ Baker

In this visit with Russ Baker, we introduced some new topics and updated some other inquiries. Noted as a peddler of the untenable “Lee Harvey Oswald as lone nut assassin” hypothesis, Gerald Posner has emerged as a PR functionary for the brother of Afghan president Hamid Karzai. We noted that Bill O’Reilly did some good work on the JFK assassination before conforming to the right-wing ideological dictates of Fox News. Much of the program centered on discussion of the re-opening of the investigation into Robert Kennedy’s assassination. Grant Cooper’s behavior as Sirhan Sirhan’s first defense attorney was stunning.

He’s BAAAAACK! Gerald Posner’s Latest Gig

Like Count Dracula, Gerald Posner keeps coming back. Having led the media charges to discredit Warren Commission critics, critics of the official version of Martin Luther King’s assassination and Ladislas Farago’s research on Martin Bormann’s presence in Latin America, Posner is now defending Afghan president Karzai’s brother against credible charges that he has been on the CIA’s payroll, while participatring significantly in the Afghan heroin trade.

Updating JFK, RFK Assassination Investigations

America’s political assassinations continue to loom large over our political landscape. A recent New York Times obituary touched on Daniel Burros, the American Nazi Party member whose name, address and phone number were in supposed “leftist” Lee Harvey Oswald’s address book. “Family of Secrets” author Russ Baker informs us that Sirhan Sirhan’s first attorney Grant Cooper was under indictment with possible JFK co-conspirator John Roselli when he represented RFK’s accused assassin.

RFK Jr: JFK Assassination Was a Conspiracy

We’ve produced much programming and posting over the years on the assassinations of JFK, RFK and Martin Luther King. All of these killings are connected and, together, comprise the systematic elimination of viable progressive leadership in this country. Stating the obvious, Robert F. Kennedy’s kids RFK jr. and Rory have stated that President Kennedy was not assassinated by a lone nut. We’ve not seen any statements by Kennedy family members about the assassination of Robert Kennedy. That case is heading back into court. The investigation of Robert Kennedy’s assassination yields evidentiary tributaries leading in the direction of his brother’s killing, Dr. King’s assassination and the shooting of George Wallace.

Sending a Message? RFK Jr.’s Wife Found Dead by Hanging

RFK Jr’s wife dead of hanging. An “assisted suicide” to send a message as RFK Sr.’s assassination returns to the courtroom?

Robert F. Kennedy Assassination Moves Closer to the Courtroom!

Robert Kennedy’s assassination under investigation once again. New courtroom hearing will probably reveal presence of a conspiracy and second gun.

Sirhan Sirhan’s Lawyers Moving to Reopen the Case

Long dormant, investigation of Robert F. Kennedy’s assassination headed back to the courtroom. Evidence proves Sirhan Sirhan not the killer.

Now, About Jared [Lee] Laughner . . .

Shooter of Representative Giffords and slayer of federal judge, Jared Lee Laughner was no lone nut. Influenced by far-right and by elements associated with the Truther movement. More shooters apparently involved.

The Milteer Connection Resurfaces

Comment: A recent story about the investigation of the JFK assassination conducted by a former FBI agent has–once again–brought to light the name of Joseph Adams Milteer, a National States Rights Party activist who appears to have had foreknowledge of both the assassinations of President Kennedy and Martin Luther King, Jr. Don Adams also reports […]

FTR #648 Arthur Who?

” . . . With the segregationist icon Wallace out of the way, Nixon’s “Southern Strategy” of sweeping the racist vote and the deep South in particular was in a position to succeed. . . .”