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See Dick and Jane “Tote That Barge and Lift That Bale”

Evolved from the Hindu nationalist/fascist party the RSS, Narendra Modi is undermining India’s laws prohibiting child labor. All of the contents of this website as of 12/19/2014–Dave Emory’s 35+ years of research and broadcasting–as well as hours of videotaped lectures are available on a 32GB flash drive. Dave offers his programs and articles for free–your support is very much appreciated.

The Return of Bush’s Buddy: “Sammy the Aryan” Making the Rounds in Support of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood

For some time, we’ve covered one of George W. Bush’s Muslim Brotherhood political associates Sami al-Arian. The Operation Green Quest investigation into the financing of terrorist groups (including al-Qaeda, Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad) stemmed from an investigation into Sammy al-Arian (“Sammy the Aryan,” as we call him.) One of the leaders of Palestinian Islamic Jihad (pictured at right), al-Arian is now turning out in support of the ousted Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood.

A Lot of “Poloney”: Arafat Murdered according to (Ahem) Al Jazeera

The Arafat poisoning report is an Al Jazeera project from start to finish, with a former spook presiding over the project. Polonium 210 has a half-life of 138 days (!), rendering detection of alleged poisoning with the substance remote at this point in time. Experts on radiation poisoning and polonium 210 dismiss the findings. A Russian investigation initially found no polonium. Al Jazeera’s relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood becomes clearer, with the network financing the living quarters of exiled Egyptian allies of Morsi. UPDATED ON 12/3/2013.

“Ein Reich, Ein Volk, Ein Erdogan!” (and “Ein Morsi, too”)

The WikiLeaks-assisted far-right covert operation popularly known as “the Arab Spring” has indeed resulted in the ascendance of Erdogan-style governance in the Middle East. Turkey’s Muslim-Brotherhood president Tayyip Erdogan has responded to popular dissatisfaction with tactics and rhetoric reminiscent of Mussolini and Hitler.

“U-2, Brut?” Part II: Eddie the Friendly Spook Hits the Trifecta (Updated)

We’ve compared Eddie “the Friendly Spook” Snowden’s activities with the U-2 Incident. After decamping to Hong Kong and leaking information about anti-Chinese U.S. hacking programs on the eve of Obama’s summit with Chinese premier Xi, Snowden leaks information on NSA spying on Germany on the eve of Obama’s trip to Germany to meet with Merkel. Immediately AFTER Obama’s meeting with Vadimir Putin, Snowden decamps to Moscow. Snowden didn’t go to Russia or China because they are bastions of civil liberties, but because he was working to damage Obama. IMPORTANT UPDATES ON 6/24/2013, 6/25/2013 AND 8/7/2013

Baby Face Snowden Meets the Cyber-Wandervogel

It comes as no surprise that the milieu of WikiLeaks and that of Baby Face Snowden are now professionally overlapped. WikiLeaks, as well as the U-2 Incident-like activities of Snowden, give every indication of being far-right, Nazi-linked spook operations. One of WikiLeaks’ financial assistants has offered to fly Snowden to Iceland, in order to receive political Asylum. IMPORTANT UPDATE ON 6/24/2013.

Morsi Marches On: Veteran of Luxor Massacre Appointed to Governorship

One of the more grotesque aspects of this decades-long undertaking has been watching people hail the advance of fascism as something “desirable” and/or “democratic.” Less than two years after the “Arab Spring” (“Muslim Brotherhood Spring” we call it) was hailed as a blossoming of democracy in the Arab world, it is proving to be the installation of Islamic fascism (or “corporatism” as Mussolini called his system) that we said it would be.