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FTR #770 Bit[coin]burg, Part 3: Fool’s Gold

Presented as an alternative to the existing monetary and fiscal paradigms, bitcoin is–in fact–as bad, or worse, than what it is designed to replace. Subject to a wide variety of crooked machinations, bitcoin also lends itself readily to concentration of ownership–get ready for the “bitcoin 1%.” The bitcoin milieu increasingly overlaps that of Eddie the Friendly Spook and “The Paulistinian Libertarian Organization.”

Katherine Harris’ Husband “Commits Suicide”

We note the recent alleged suicide of former Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris’ husband, a Swede named Anders Ebbeson. Ebbeson’s company–InterCon–specialized in making appliances for yachts and RV’s, which would dovetail very well with drug smuggling and other contraband trafficking activities. Ebbeson worked for Electrolux after it bought out his first company. Electrolux was the creation of Axel Wenner-Gren, a prominent Swedish industrialist who was a Third Reich ally.

Update on Bitcoin, Max Planck Institute

One of the most visible supporters of bitcoin is a “techno-libertarian” named Cody R. Wilson, whom we examined in FTR #760. Wilson, not surprisingly, is a devotee of Hans Hermann-Hoppe and an active opponent of democracy. Bitcoin users have favored the Tor network. Now, a researcher with the Max Planck Institute is looking to develop an alternative internet network that wil be impervious to penetration. One wonders if that is intended to facilitate secure movement of terrorist and/or covert operations monies for Underground Reich elements.

FTR #760 Bit[coin]burg–The Rebels Without a Clue

In this program, we examine a clandestine, online currency called bitcoin. Bitcoin has been hatched from the same libertarian, Ludwig von Mises milieu to which Eddie “get rid of social security, bring back the gold standard” Snowden adheres. Although the currency has usually been attributed to one Satoshi Nakomoto, an article in Fastcompany.com hypothesizes that the actual developers of bitcoin were Charles Bry, Neal J. King (who officially denies any involvement) and Vladimir Oksman. All three work for a German firm called Lantiq, evolved from Siemens A.G. Germany is the only nation that recognizes bitcoin.

Bit[coin]burg II

“Techno-libertarians” view bitcoin as a possible alternative to the dollar as a reserve currency, manifesting an anti-government orientation. It has been subject to all of the same ills as regular currencies. Libertarian-fascist Peter Thiel is a backer of bitcoin.

Bitcoinburg–Who Developed this “Virtual Currency?”

In this post, we examine the origins of the bitcoin virtual currency, which evolved into the online currency of choice for the customers of the Silk Road network. Alone among sovereign nations, Germany has recognized bitcoin as legal tender. An article at Fastcompany hypothesizes that three individuals named Neal J. King, Charles Bry and Vladimir Oksman are the true originators of bitcoin. All three work for Lantiq. Lantiq is a firm evolved from Siemens spinoff Infineon AG.

FTR #750 Surveying the Scene with Daniel Hopsicker

This broadcast catches up with some areas of research and interest on the part of the heroic investigative journalist Daniel Hopsicker. We then revisited the circumstances of Ruki Dekkers, one of Atta’s closest associates. Although he was arrested for drug trafficking, informed sources expressed skepticism that he would ever go to trial. Much of the program focused on the Boston Marathon bombing of April 2013, especially the links between the bombers, their family and elements associated with CIA.

Luxembourg Prime Minister Resigns: Luxembourg Gladio Veteran Involved in Bugging Scandal

For decades, we’ve spoken of “The Strategy of Tension,” overlapping the NATO Operation Stay Behind (known as Gladio in Italy.) The Prime Minister of Luxembourg was forced to resign because of a scandal in which the country’s intelligence chief–now head of security for Siemens–participated in Gladio/Stay Behind. Luxembourg’s banking sector is very large, to the dismay of Germany, which has been called “hegemonic” by Luxembourg cabinet ministers.

Germany’s STERN and Tagesspiegel: Germany Owes Greece Billions of Euros from WWII (Greek Citizenry, Political Parties Agree)

For years, we’ve been covering the pivotal issue of World War II flight capital, now on the front burner. Germany’s STERN discusses it. So does Tagesspiegel. 8 of 10 Greeks favor Germany paying their WWII debt. So do that country’s political parties. Saying that the debt has been paid, Germany continues to dissemble about the issue.

Von Clausewitz and the Politics of Debt: German War Reparations Owed Greece Re-Emerges as “Time Bomb”

Greece’s economic problems have been exacerbated by Germany’s failure to compensate Greece for damage done during the occupation of World War II. Elements within the Greek government have compiled a report documenting the extent of the war compensation owed Greece. Germany itself is the greatest debt transgressor of all. Its wartime policy is inextricably linked with its current political/economic posturing.