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Germany’s STERN and Tagesspiegel: Germany Owes Greece Billions of Euros from WWII (Greek Citizenry, Political Parties Agree)

For years, we’ve been cov­er­ing the piv­otal issue of World War II flight cap­i­tal, now on the front burn­er. Ger­many’s STERN dis­cuss­es it. So does Tagesspiegel. 8 of 10 Greeks favor Ger­many pay­ing their WWII debt. So do that coun­try’s polit­i­cal par­ties. Say­ing that the debt has been paid, Ger­many con­tin­ues to dis­sem­ble about the issue.

Von Clausewitz and the Politics of Debt: German War Reparations Owed Greece Re-Emerges as “Time Bomb”

Greece’s eco­nom­ic prob­lems have been exac­er­bat­ed by Ger­many’s fail­ure to com­pen­sate Greece for dam­age done dur­ing the occu­pa­tion of World War II. Ele­ments with­in the Greek gov­ern­ment have com­piled a report doc­u­ment­ing the extent of the war com­pen­sa­tion owed Greece. Ger­many itself is the great­est debt trans­gres­sor of all. Its wartime pol­i­cy is inex­tri­ca­bly linked with its cur­rent political/economic pos­tur­ing.

Keepin’ On Keepin’ On: Will Ratzinger/Benedict Become the Vatican’s “Holy Ghost” (Spook)?

There are numer­ous indi­ca­tions that “fas­cist-friend­ly” insti­tu­tion­al con­ti­nu­ity will be main­tained at the Vat­i­can. The Pope will have the title of “Emer­i­tus Pope.” This will allow him to wield influ­ence behind the scenes. That should be easy to accom­plish. The Pope will con­tin­ue to reside Vat­i­can City, retain­ing diplo­mat­ic immu­ni­ty from future pros­e­cu­tion or lit­i­ga­tion. Ratzinger/Benedict’s suc­ces­sor may well be some­one cut from the same fab­ric as he. The tim­ing of the con­clave that will select the next pon­tiff may be moved up.

Vatican Report and the Pope’s Resignation: “Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!”

We’ve post­ed sev­er­al times in con­nec­tion with the res­ig­na­tion of Bene­dict XVI. Media spec­u­la­tion has cen­tered on a report sub­mit­ted to Ratzinger/Benedict detail­ing black­mail of a pow­er­ful “Vel­vet Mafia” of gay prelates inside the Vat­i­can. That scan­dal appears to be over­lap­ping some of the inquiries into the Vat­i­can finances. Appar­ent­ly black­mailed by out­siders over their exten­sive and rel­a­tive­ly vis­i­ble liaisons, the “Vel­vet Mafia” appears to have had deal­ings with the Vat­i­can bank–long a focus of intrigue and covert fas­cist machi­na­tions.

Another “Interesting” Maneuver by Ratzinger/Benedict

Pope Bene­dic­t’s res­ig­na­tion has gar­nered much spec­u­la­tion as to the rea­son why. Less spec­u­la­tion has been giv­en to some of the appoint­ments that the Pope has made just before leav­ing the Vat­i­can. The Vat­i­can offi­cial rep­re­sent­ing the Holy See to Mon­ey­val (over­see­ing mon­ey laun­der­ing and ter­ror­ism inves­ti­ga­tions for the Coun­cil of Europe) has been trans­ferred to Colom­bia. Might this have any­thing to do with the reput­ed rela­tion­ship between late Vat­i­can finan­cial advis­er Rober­to Calvi and Pablo Esco­bar of the Medellin Car­tel?

Parting Shot from “Der Panzerkardinal”: Keeping Scandal Hidden (Under the Rock of St. Peter)

The his­to­ry of the Vat­i­can Bank, the IOR, is inex­tri­ca­bly linked with scan­dal and the his­to­ry of the Holy See’s involve­ment with fas­cism. The out­go­ing Pope has named a Ger­man mem­ber of the Knights of Mal­ta to head that insti­tu­tion. (The Knights of Mal­ta or SMOM is, basi­cal­ly, the mil­i­tary wing of the Vat­i­can.) Ratzinger/Benedict’s selec­tion is Ernst von Frey­berg, a mem­ber of the board of Blohm & Voss, the Ger­man ship­mak­er and man­u­fac­tur­er of war­ships for Hitler and the Fed­er­al Repub­lic of Ger­many.

Falling to Earth: September 11th Flight School Operator Rudi Dekkers Arrested for Drug Trafficking

Long able to escape legal ret­ri­bu­tion for his actions, Huff­man Avi­a­tion oper­a­tor Rudi Dekkers appears to have run out of luck. The Dutch/German pilot who ran the flight school through which 9/11 hijack­er Mohammed Atta and his Ger­man and Aus­tri­an asso­ciates infil­trat­ed the Unit­ed States has been arrest­ed in Hous­ton for drug traf­fick­ing. It remains to be seen what comes of this inves­ti­ga­tion, but the impli­ca­tions are poten­tial­ly stag­ger­ing.

Strange Fruit: Colombia, A [Chiquita] Banana Republic

Chiq­ui­ta Banana com­plic­it with right and left wing para­mil­i­taries, drug smug­glers and death squads. Were they smug­gling and/or laun­der­ing mon­ey for the traf­fick­ers?

The Strange Case of Kim Schmitz aka “Kim Dotcom”: Cyber Agent Provacateur for the Corporations, Underground Reich?

A hero to the free down­load Inter­net crowd, Kim Schmitz (“Dot­com”) appears to be an oper­a­tive of the 1% ers. Is he asso­ci­at­ed with the Bor­mann cap­i­tal net­work?

FTR #740 Update on the Meltdown Part 6: The Wachovia File

Wachovia deeply involved with laun­der­ing mon­ey for Sinaloa car­tel; fir­m’s exec­u­tives com­plic­it with cov­er-up; World’s major finan­cial insti­tu­tions depen­dent on drug car­tels for liq­uid­i­ty? Drug smug­glers may have bailed out those insti­tu­tions fol­low­ing crash of ’08.