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Peter Thiel Becomes a Trump Delegate

Peter Thiel is a Donald Trump delegate from California. Thiel is also the largest stockholder in Facebook and Palantir. In addition, he provided most of the funding for Eddie the Friendly Spook’s Presidential candidate of choice, Ron Paul. All of the contents of this website as of 12/19/2014–Dave Emory’s 35+ years of research and broadcasting–as well as hours of videotaped lectures are available on a 32GB flash drive. Dave offers his programs and articles for free–your support is very much appreciated.

FTR #760 Bit[coin]burg–The Rebels Without a Clue

In this program, we examine a clandestine, online currency called bitcoin. Bitcoin has been hatched from the same libertarian, Ludwig von Mises milieu to which Eddie “get rid of social security, bring back the gold standard” Snowden adheres. Although the currency has usually been attributed to one Satoshi Nakomoto, an article in Fastcompany.com hypothesizes that the actual developers of bitcoin were Charles Bry, Neal J. King (who officially denies any involvement) and Vladimir Oksman. All three work for a German firm called Lantiq, evolved from Siemens A.G. Germany is the only nation that recognizes bitcoin.

Bitcoinburg–Who Developed this “Virtual Currency?”

In this post, we examine the origins of the bitcoin virtual currency, which evolved into the online currency of choice for the customers of the Silk Road network. Alone among sovereign nations, Germany has recognized bitcoin as legal tender. An article at Fastcompany hypothesizes that three individuals named Neal J. King, Charles Bry and Vladimir Oksman are the true originators of bitcoin. All three work for Lantiq. Lantiq is a firm evolved from Siemens spinoff Infineon AG.

FTR #631 Miscellaneous Articles and Updates

Cindy Sheehan characterizes Muslim Brotherhood as force for democracy; MSM drops the “Von” from ricin suspect Roger (Von) Burgendorff; Dalai Lama link to SS; 2001 anthrax attacks; Las Vegas links to anthrax investigation.

FTR #592 Update on September 11 and Related Topics

Steven E. Jones, the former physics professor at Brigham Young University, and his utter lack of professional credibility.

FTR #583 Update on Islamic Fascism

Islamic fascism and its links with fascists from Europe and America and relationships going back to the Third Reich are highlighted in this program.

FTR #493-494 Two Interviews with Daniel Hopsicker about Electoral Fraud

Recorded January 2 and 9, 2005 Listen to #493: MP3 Side 1 | Side 2 RealAudio Listen to #494 MP3 Side 1 | Side 2 RealAudio Due to the overlapping nature of FTRs #493 and #494, the descriptions for the two programs are merged into a single, longer document. The programs set forth the crooked […]