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Old Home(land Security) Week in Boston: “Fee, Fi . . . Ho Hum” (Part 2)

The Boston bombing suspects’ uncle turns out to have been married to the daughter of a key CIA officer. That officer, Graham E. Fuller, was a key advocate of a U.S. alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood. Fuller has also run interference for the insidious Fetullah Gulen cult.

Divine Laissez Faire: Comparing the Theocratic Free Market Philosophies of the Muslim Brotherhood and The Family

“Free Market” principles are manifesting behind fundamentalist religious cover. The Christian fundamentalist group The Family wields profound influence in Washington, behind an ideology that sees laissez-faire economics as “God’s will.” The Muslim Brotherhood’s Islamism also views free-market principles as “Divine” in origin. UPDATED ON 6/17/2013.

Grover Norquist Strikes Again!

Earlier this month, the Tea Party/GOP Right demonstrated their hypocrisy, as well as the degree of solidarity between the Islamic fascists of the Muslim Brotherhood and the GOP. The Jihad Watch website received the “People’s Choice Award” at the 2013 Conservative Political Action Committee. The awarding of the honor was blocked, however by the Tea Party Republicans, who would only consent to give the award if the administrators of the site would agree not to criticize Grover Norquist.

I Told You So: Update on the “Muslim Brotherhood Spring,” The “Hacktober Surprise” and the Destabilization of Lee Harvey Obama

As forecast in the For The Record series dealing with WikiLeaks and morphing into the “Muslim Brotherhood Spring,” the GOP is tarring Barack Obama with the “soft on terrorism” brush–casting him as the second coming of Jimmy Carter. Attacking the Obama administration for not having prevented the lethal attack on the Libyan embassy, the GOP is explicitly comparing Obama’s actions with Carter’s behavior during the Iranian hostage crisis. The available evidence suggests that the “Muslim Brotherhood Spring” is a covert operation–the outgrowth of a George Bush State Department reassessment and rapprochement with the Muslim Brotherhood, as well as an approach made to the Egyptian April 6 movement during the closing days of Dubya’s second term.

Resumption of Clitoris Removal: Latest Horror from Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood (“Barbarians R Us”)

The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood is now circumventing the law which banned female genital mutilation. What comes next?

“Troofer” and Fellow Traveler of Islamist Terror Groups and Fascist LaRouche Organization Advises British Journalists

Comment: the success of the fascist LaRouche organization–Webster Tarpley’s background is with the LaRouchies–in penetrating the so-called progressive sector is underscored by this disturbing post, as is the profound fascist and pro-terrorist nature of a disturbingly large portion of the “9/11 Truth” movement. “NUJ Gets Nut to Write Terror Manual” by Brett; Harry’s Place; 3/11/2010. […]

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