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FTR #822 The Snowdenistas, the GOP and Violent Secession

This pro­gram begins by revis­it­ing “The Adven­tures of Eddie the Friendly Spook” Snow­den. The “Snow­denistas,” the GOP and the vio­lent, para­mil­i­tary, seces­sion­ist right con­sti­tute a polit­i­cal con­tin­uum, the lib­eral views of most of Snowden’s sup­port­ers, notwith­stand­ing. Snowden’s leak­ing jour­nal­ist of choice–Citizen Greenwald–continues his pat­tern of frat­er­niz­ing and pro­fes­sion­ally defend­ing Nazis and White Suprema­cists. Ebay, owned by Snowden’s finan­cial angel–Pierre Omidyar–is a sup­porter of ALEC, one of the most impor­tant of the far-right polit­i­cal engines. Under­scor­ing the extrem­ist nature of the con­tem­po­rary Repub­li­can Party, we note that Texas politi­cians, includ­ing Governor-elect Greg Abbott have been explic­itly sup­port­ive of para­mil­i­tary vig­i­lantes oper­at­ing along the Mex­i­can bor­der, some of which were stock­pil­ing ammo­nium nitrate. Dou­glas MacK­in­non (a for­mer Rea­gan and George H.W. Bush speech­writer) is advo­cat­ing the seces­sion of a num­ber of states to form a new coun­try called “Rea­gan.” Hav­ing grand­standed as an “anti-terror” bul­wark, for­mer Bush (II) Attor­ney Gen­eral John Ashcroft is prac­tic­ing law. One of his clients is weapons dealer Vik­tor Bout, who sup­plied weapons to Al Qaeda.

Democrat Tells the Truth about the GOP, then Recants

Hit­ting the nail on the head, Demo­c­rat John Bur­ton labeled the GOP as pur­vey­ors of the Big Lie, com­par­ing them with Nazi pro­pa­ganda min­is­ter Joseph Goebbels. Not only is this an apt com­par­i­son, but the Repub­li­can Party has, for decades, been inex­tri­ca­bly linked with Third Reich alumni and the Under­ground Reich. Burton’s wilt­ing under fire is only too typ­i­cal of the unwill­ing­ness of Amer­i­can soci­ety to look at the stark, ugly truths about this country.

“Austerity” Equals Fascism, Part I: The Republicans are Nazis

Descended from political/economic inter­ests that sup­ported Hitler, tried to over­throw Franklin Roo­sevelt and did kill JFK, the GOP man­i­fests the her­itage of decades of covert oper­a­tions that brought Third Reich vet­er­ans into the Amer­i­can polit­i­cal main­stream. The upcom­ing elec­tion may deter­mine the fate of our civilization.

Germany reopens hundreds of Nazi probes

Ger­man author­i­ties have reopened hun­dreds of dor­mant inves­ti­ga­tions of Nazi death camp guards in an eleventh hour attempt that could result in at least dozens of new prosecutions.

FTR #744 The Shape of Things to Come

Pan­ul­ti­mate exam­ple of “off­shore,” the seasted­ding move­ment sees “free­dom and democ­racy” as incom­pat­i­ble. Those left on shore must accept dis­so­lu­tion of pri­vacy, free­dom and, yes, democ­racy. Hedge fund man­agers buy­ing up all arable land in antic­i­pa­tion of eco­nomic and social armageddon.

Suffer the Little Children . . .

Neo-Nazi National Demo­c­ra­tic Party will be allowed to dis­trib­ute CDs out­side schools with inter­views and music by party mem­bers because author­i­ties have no legal grounds to stop them.

Nazi Influence in Bosnia

Bosn­ian neo-nazi orga­ni­za­tion was birthed today that insists that Bosnia belongs to the Bosni­aks, an invented nation­al­ity with which Bosn­ian Mus­lims iden­tify in order to avoid their reli­gious back­ground when talk­ing to the West­ern press.

FTR #320 Interview with Kevin Coogan

Lis­ten: One Seg­ment High­light­ing aspects of con­ti­nu­ity between fas­cism past and present, this broad­cast reviews the career of the piv­otally impor­tant (but little-known) Fran­cis Parker Yockey. To do so, we visit with Kevin Coogan, author of the sem­i­nal Dreamer of the Day: Fran­cis Parker Yockey and the Post­war Fas­cist Inter­na­tional. (Copy­right 1999 [SC]; Autono­me­dia; ISBN [...]

FTR #635 and #636 Going Native, Parts V and VI

Third Reich polit­i­cal strat­egy per­pet­u­ated by Fed­eral Repub­lic of Ger­many, “volks­grup­pen­rechte” (the rights of native peo­ples) aids revan­chist national agenda.

FTR #633 Miscellaneous Articles and Updates

Mus­lim Brotherhood-Al-Taqwa link to Berlus­coni; Eliot Spitzer scan­dal viewed in com­par­i­son to Pal­frey mur­der case; pan-Turkist move­ment link to shoot­ing of the pope.