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Was The Battle of the Sexes “Rigged’ by the Mob?

With the 50th anniversary of President Kennedy’s assassination fast approaching, two of the organized crime figures who may well have been involved in that assassination have come back into public view in the context of an alleged fixing of the “Battle of the Sexes” tennis match between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs. Alleged to have run up big debts to the mob, Riggs was apparently an associate of the organized crime milieu. His alleged fixing of the match was done to pay off his gambling debts as well, of course, as making money for the mob.

The “Uber Bowl”: The San Francisco 49ers and SAP (Kudos to “R. Wilson”)

We’ve noted the links between organized crime and the NFL in the past, highlighting the milieu of the San Francisco 49ers. It develops that much of the 49ers recent success was (allegedly) due to their use of sports software diagnostics developed by German software maker SAP and employed by the team’s chief operating officer Paraag Marathe. One can but wonder if the consummately corrupt world of the NFL will be used to enhance revenues for SAP (and who knows who, or what, else?)

FTR #638 Miscellaneous Articles and Updates

Bormann network controls major German corporations; archive of Third Reich documents; Rockefellers push ExxonMobil to switch to renewable energy; Standard Oil corporate complex; violence in the Muslim world effects global oil prices.

Bunge Agrees to Buy Corn Products for $4.2 Billion

by Mark Herlihy and Choy Leng YeongBloombergBunge Ltd., the world’s largest oilseed processor, agreed to buy Corn Products International Inc. for $4.2 billion in stock to add corn-based sweeteners as demand increases for soft drinks and processed foods in China and India. Bunge will pay the equivalent of $56 for each share of Corn Products, […]

FTR #465 The Gipper and the Underground Reich

Role of Nazi elements in Reagan presidency; the collapse of the Soviet Union.

FTR #304 Illegal Procedure: Organized Crime in the NFL

The reality of the NFL contrasts sharply with the carefully constructed, rigorously marketed illusion.