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Blueprint for nuclear warhead found on smugglers’ computers

Ex-weapons inspec­tor fears rogue states bought planEncrypt­ed files linked to Pak­istan’s A Q Khan Ian TraynorTHE GUARDIAN Blue­prints for a sophis­ti­cat­ed and com­pact nuclear war­head have been found in the com­put­ers of the world’s most noto­ri­ous nuclear-smug­gling rack­et, accord­ing to a lead­ing US researcher. The dig­i­tal designs, found in heav­i­ly encrypt­ed com­put­er files in Switzer­land, […]

Top intelligence official revives Iran doubts

by Demetri Sev­astop­u­lo in Wash­ing­tonFINANCIAL TIMES The senior US intel­li­gence offi­cial on Tues­day stressed that a recent report on Iran had con­clud­ed that Tehran had halt­ed only one part of its alleged nuclear weapons pro­gramme. Admi­ral Michael McConnell, direc­tor of nation­al intel­li­gence, said the Novem­ber nation­al intel­li­gence esti­mate had con­clud­ed that Tehran had ceased only […]