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FTR #814 The National Socialist Underground File

We’ve covered the neo-Nazi group The National Socialist Underground and its links to German intelligence for several years. In addition to shredding files on the NSU, which was financed in considerable measure by Germany’s domestic intelligence service and elements of its military intelligence service, files on other German neo-Nazi groups have been destroyed before being properly vetted by German journalistic and legal authorities. One of the most significant aspects of the case is the fact that powerful elements within the German government are going to extraordinary lengths to eclipse the institutional connections of the group. Turkish media were excluded from being seated at the trial of the group, many of whose victims were Turks. In addition, leading German media were left out of a “raffle” to award seating at the trial. Attorneys for the victims’ families have opined that the prosecutors have no real interest in pursuing the case.

FTR #802 The Luxembourg Connection (What the Hell Does Dave Emory Mean by “Underground Reich?” Part 2)

This broadcast illustrates the deep political relationships that evolved from the Third Reich’s formal military occupation of Europe. These relationships are inextricably linked with the remarkable and deadly Bormann capital network that forms the basis of much of Mr. Emory’s analytical paradigm. Taken in concert, they help to illustrate what Mr. Emory means by “Underground Reich.” Angela Merkel’s selection of austerity advocate Jean-Claude Juncker as President of the European Union Commission will see a long-time German ally and son of a Wehrmacht combatant ascend to the pinnacle of EU governorship. The connections dominating the background and character of the Germanophile Juncker track back to the Nazi occupation of Luxembourg during World War II and cartel connections that facilitated the Third Reich’s amoeba-like absorption of the European economy. During the Nazi occupation, Luxembourg’s economy was folded into “Europa Germanica,” with Gustav Koenigs, Chairman of the Bush-Family linked Hamburg-Amerika Line and Secretary of State of the Third Reich overseeing the steel cartel ARBED and much of Luxembourg’s other business. After the war, Luxembourg continued to be a primary element of the Bormann capital network.

FTR #799 Miscellaneous Articles and Updates

The future of health care in societies subjected to the doctrine of “Austeria” may be seen with the appointment of doctrinaire neo-Nazi Makis “The Hammer” Voridis as Health Minister of Greece. Fascism is surging in a Europe subjected to German-mandated austerity, as evidenced by the recent EU Parliamentary elections. Much of the program highlights fascism marching under the deceptive banner of “freedom” and/or libertarianism. Bitcoin continues its march toward monopoly, with the mysterious Ghash.io controlling 51% of the market. Gun-wielding fascists supportive of “libertarian” (read “white-supremacist”) Ron Paul gunned down police in Las Vegas, while so called “sovereign citizens” shot up police in California. “Cliven Bundists” (supporters of Cliven Bundy) have declared themselves exempt from Bureau of Land Management regulations in Nevada, as the GOP ramps up another government shutdown to foil Obama’s climate change legislation. At the same time, the very high-tech giants that complained so loudly about Obama’s failure to protect individual privacy are surging ahead with programs and technology to obliterate that very consideration.

“Fascionable” Again in Europe

We’ve told you so–over and over and (present-participle, expletive deleted) over again! Fascism is descending over much of the world. In Europe, the economic conditions deriving from the Euro-austerity doctrine mandated by Germany are bearing fruit similar to the harvest of the 1930’s brought about by the Great Depression.

FTR #794 The Fires This Time: Update on the Ukraine

In addition to detailing the maneuvering surrounding the abundant natural gas reserves in Ukraine, the program highlights efforts by the EU and U.S. fossil fuel interests to manipulate the Ukrainian crisis to their advantage. Accessing excellent work by Robert Parry, the broadcast underscores the Orwellian coverage of the crisis by U.S. and German media. Deliberately avoiding discussion of the Nazi character of the Ukrainian provisional government, Western media have obfuscated the deliberate burning alive of pro-Russian protesters in the Eastern part of the country. Apparently assisted by elements of American and German intelligence, the neo-Nazi OUN/B successors in Ukraine are affiliated with The Order, best known for having murdered radio talk show host Alan Berg.

Ukraine Update: OUN/B Heirs Becoming More Violent, Reportedly Aided by Western Intel Elements, U.S. Mercs

German Foreign Policy–which feeds along the right hand side of the front page of this website–updates reportage on the Ukrainian crisis. In addition to highlighting the participation of Pravy Sektor recruits in the national security militia of the OUN/B heirs ruling the interim government in Ukraine, the article notes the apparent assistance of elements of U.S. intelligence (and possibly BND), as well as U.S. mercenary fighters from the firm formerly known as Blackwater.

Update on the National Socialist Underground Trial in Germany

We’ve covered the neo-Nazi group The National Socialist Union and its links to German intelligence for months. One of the most significant aspects of the case is the fact that powerful elements within the German government are going to extraordinary lengths to eclipse the institutional connections of the group. We now learn that the families of their victims and their attorneys have despaired, suspecting that the prosecutors have no interest in pursuing justice in the case, noting their dismissal of victims families counsel attempts at introducing evidence.

FTR #784 “First, Tame the Intellectuals . . . .”

Several Swoboda parliamentary deputies roughed up the director of the largest state TV station in Ukraine and forced his resignation–this because he broadcast excerpts of Putin’s speech about the annexation of Crimea. The assault was led by Ihor Miroshnychenko, the Deputy Chair of the par­lia­men­tary Com­mit­tee on Free­dom of Speech and Infor­ma­tion! Like the U.S. media, the German media have been systematically misrepresenting Swoboda as something other than the fascist organization it clearly is. Much of the program deals with the nature of the so-called democratic opposition in Russia, about which we’ve heard so much caterwauling of late. In particular, the program highlights the true political cache of Alexei Navalny, recently featured as an op-ed writer in The New York Times.

FTR #783 Can You Put Lipstick on a Nazi?

The OUN/B heirs dominating the Ukrainian government are engaging in wholesale fascist propaganda and indoctrination of children. As NATO, Germany and the U.S. scramble to put lipstick on the Nazi pig holding power in Ukraine, assurances are being given that people have nothing to fear. The history of OUN/B mass murder reveals that JUST such assurances presage murder and mayhem. German government and neo-Nazi links to Swoboda emerge, as Swoboda deputies manhandle a state television executive.

German Support for Swoboda Includes NPD, NGO’S; Swoboda Parliamentary Debuties Brutalize State Television Executive

An article in Germany’s venerable Der Spiegel informs us that, in addition to the relationship between Germany’s top neo-Nazi party and Swoboda, the latter has interfaced with, and received support from, Germany’s ambassador to the Ukraine and NGO’s associated with Angela Merkel’s CDU. Angered by a state television station’s broadcast of Vladimir Putin’s speech announcing the absorption of Crimea into the Ukraine, several Swoboda parliamentary deputies assaulted him and forced him to sign a paper of resignation.