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German Intelligence Establishes a Ku Klux Klan Branch in Germany

In past posts, we have examined highly disturbing accounts of Germany’s domestic intelligence agency cooperating with neo-Nazi groups. Far from being “infiltrators,” many appear to be aiding and fostering the growth of these groups. Now comes the disclosure that one of those agents founded a Ku Klux Klan branch in Germany. The milieu of this operative overlaps the elements surfacing in the ongoing investigation of the National Socialist Union, one of the neo-Nazi groups aided and subsidized by the Verfassungschutz (German domestic intelligence).

More Shredding of Neo-Nazi Files by German Intelligence

Yet another example of German intelligence shredding key files. In addition to shredding their files on the National Socialist Union, the Verfassungschutz has shredded its files on the Blood and Honor neo-Nazi group. The top official of that agency in Berlin was forced to resign because of this. That official–Claudia Schmid–was friendly with people from Landser, a German Nazi band.

Germany’s Ongoing Nazi Cover-Up

German intelligence destroys file on Nazi terrorists the day before it was to be turned over to prosecutors. Previous reportage indicated that German domestic intelligence may have helped to finance the group through paid informants.

Pirate Party’s Electoral Success in Germany, Americans Elect and the Muslim Brotherhood Spring

German Pirate Party enjoying success as “protest party.” Will they become a German version of “Americans Elect” or the “Arab Spring”? Will they realize their hopes and transcend fascist elements present at their birth?

German Neo-Nazis Embracing Third Reich’s “Green” Policies

German neo-Nazis going green. Third Reich had a similar orientation. Might the “eco-fascists” of the contemporary German political scene be able to attract the young or naive to their political agenda?

The Pirate Party: Are they Indeed the “Cyber-Wandervogel”?

Germany’s Pirate Party might dissolve Merkel’s coalition government. Will idealists of the Pirate Party be seduced by Nazi/fascist elements as they were with Pirate Bay/WikiLeaks?

Nazis Infiltrating Germany’s Pirate Party

Anarcho/Utopian Pirate Party infiltrated by Nazis. Party’s support for Nazi-linked WikiLeaks may have paved the way.

Is Germany’s Domestic Intelligence Agency Protecting neo-Nazis?

Supposedly monitoring neo-Nazis, Germany’s domestic intelligence service appears to be protecting their killers instead.

Israeli Cabinet Member Perpetuates Iraeli Right Wing’s Tradition of Nazi/Fascist Interface

Israeli deputy prime minister hobnobs with Swedish fascist from the Carl Lundstrom/Joran Jermas/WikiLeaks milieu; latest incident in a disturbing trend of the Israeli right-wing.

Strong Operational Links Between German and Swedish Neo-Nazis

Comment: A recent Spiegel article noted the strong links between Swedish and German neo-Nazis, another in a series of revelations about the perpetuation of a virulent Nazi/fascist milieu in Sweden. “Attack Reveals German-Swedish Neo-Nazi Alliance”; de Spiegel; 2/23/2009. Excerpt: One of the suspects in the brutal attack by neo-Nazis on left-wing demonstrators last weekend is […]