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Snowden’s Ride, Part 10: The Beginning of World War III?

The latest developments in L’Affaire Snowden are alarming, and predictable. We speculated that BND would decouple from NSA’s spying program. That has now happened. We predicted that Eddie the Friendly Spook’s psy-op would lead to profound damage to U.S. internet business and the economy. That appears to be developing. The regulation of the Internet may be going in the direction that Russia and China have endorsed, lending depth to our understanding of Snowden’s travel to both countries–nations that are less than conducive to internet freedom. IMPORTANT UPDATES ON 8/3/2013, 8/14/2013..

Planet of the Apps: On the Subject of those “Shocking” Disclosures about NSA/GCHQ Electronic Surveillance (Y-A-W-N!)

What is significant about the PRISM function is its probable dual-use by the Palantir firm of Peter Thiel. Thiel–asociated with the Koch Brothers Cato institute–hates Obama. MIGHT THE THIEL CAMP HAVE LEAKED THIS INFORMATION?! Leaking journalist Glenn Greenwald is professionally associated with the Cato Institute. Obama’s FBI nominee is the former general counsel for a Palantir client. IMPORTANT UPDATES ON 6/8/2013 and 6/15/2013.

Benghazi, David Petraeus, Michael J. Morell and the Destabilization of the Obama Administration

Long predicted in these quarters, the destabilization of the Obama administration is in full swing. With the GOP charging that the Obama administration was covering-up warnings about terrorism in Libya, it now emerges that it was now-acting CIA director Michael J. Morell who deleted the references, in opposition to the now-deposed David Petraeus.

I Told You So: Update on the “Muslim Brotherhood Spring,” The “Hacktober Surprise” and the Destabilization of Lee Harvey Obama

As forecast in the For The Record series dealing with WikiLeaks and morphing into the “Muslim Brotherhood Spring,” the GOP is tarring Barack Obama with the “soft on terrorism” brush–casting him as the second coming of Jimmy Carter. Attacking the Obama administration for not having prevented the lethal attack on the Libyan embassy, the GOP is explicitly comparing Obama’s actions with Carter’s behavior during the Iranian hostage crisis. The available evidence suggests that the “Muslim Brotherhood Spring” is a covert operation–the outgrowth of a George Bush State Department reassessment and rapprochement with the Muslim Brotherhood, as well as an approach made to the Egyptian April 6 movement during the closing days of Dubya’s second term.

Extracurricular Shenanigans Nothing New for Presidential Secret Service Detail

Carousing and womanizing by the White House Secret Service detail is nothing new. Some feel it may have led to the compromising of the White House Secret Service detail in the run-up to President Kennedy’s assassination.

Eric Holder’s DOJ Subverts Don Siegelman Investigation

U.S. Supreme Court won’t hear an appeal from Democrat former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman’s conviction. Attorney General Eric Holder’s Justice Department opposed the Siegelman brief. Holder worked for law firm that protected Karl Rove, implicated in the Siegelman affair.

Is Attorney General Eric Holder a Ringer for Karl Rove?

Attorney General Eric Holder’s former law firm Covington & Burling close to Karl Rove. Firm boasted that they actively withheld Rove’s e-mails requested to investigate the federal attorney firing scandal.

Plane Speaking in D.C.

Remarkably, small planes seem to be able to intrude into White House and Camp David air space, rather like during the Clinton years. Is Obama receiving a message?

Update on the Piggy-Back Coups and the Muslim Brotherhood

Following in the unsavory footsteps of Karl Rove and Grover Norquist, Obama administration embraces the Muslim Brotherhood, ultimately to the detriment of U.S. and political destruction of Obama.

FTR #743 Interview (#8) with Russ Baker, Author of “Family of Secrets”

The Fourth Estate has become a Fifth Column–the media that should inform us deceive on behalf of those they should expose; Institutionalized power diminishes the publicity for “Family of Secrets.” The Internet allows citizens to fight back.

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