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FTR #745 WikiFascism, Part 2

WikiLeaks’ resident fascist Jermas/Shamir pivotally involved with establishing WikiLeaks in Sweden; Julian Assange a compulsive Jew-baiter with a Darwinian, eugenics philosophy. Enlisting a mysterious “nanny” to run important functions for WikiLeaks, Assange may well be part of the Santikinetan Park cult.

A Bit of Good News Amidst the Horror . . .

Obama’s Justice Department attacking international money-laundering network dating back to 1953. That’s when the Bormann netowrk and government-connected drug-smuggling gangs were ramping up operations.

“Can You Picture Us in New York?”: Deutsche Borse to Gain Control of the New York Stock Exchange

The German stock exchange (Deutsche Borse) will purchase the parent company of the New York Stock Exchange. This should facilitate the Bormann capital network’s control of U.S. equities.

“Somewhere . . . Beyond the Sea . . . ” (Apologies to Bobby Darin)

Seeking to escape the ruin they are visiting on our society, super-rich are looking to sea and space colonies to escape social appocalypse. Facebook financier Peter Thiel (“Freedom and democracy are mutually exclusive”) behind it.

Prison “Suicide” in Switzerland of Financial Whistle-Blower

Comment: The man who purloined bank records that revealed that German nationals were using foreign bank accounts to avoid paying taxes has allegedly “committed suicide” in a Swiss prison. How convenient. One can but wonder who might benefit from this. “Suspect in Swiss Tax Data Sale to Germany Found Dead in Suspected Suicide” by Carolyn […]

FTR #689 Interview with Sterling and Peggy Seagrave

William Faulkner noted that “the past is never dead and buried. It isn’t even past.” War Gold stolen by the Japanese dominates the contemporary economic landscape; the engines of world political power turn in precision with these hidden engines of wealth.

FTR #688 Darkness in the Vaults

Global financial system predicated on trillions of dollars in wealth stolen by the Axis in WWII; “victorious” allies shared in the spoils; the rule of law is totally discarded in order to preserve the status quo and the secrecy that surrounds it.

FTR #675 Interview with Lucy Komisar: No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

Food Services Giant Sodexo’s scams cost taxpayers, school children big bucks; Timothy Geithner ignored U.S. Treasury bonds naked short selling; Swiss Banks joining AIG in offshore machinations.

FTR #665 Update on the Meltdown, Part 2

With much information undisclosed, mind-boggling scope of financial meltdown might precipitate resurgence of fascism; Madoff affair truly massive.

FTR #650 Analyzing the Causes of the Crash –
Interview with Lucy Komisar

Investment industry corrupt to its foundations, in regular collusion with U.S. regulatory officials.