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Curveball II: Is the BND (German Intelligence) Gaming the Syrian Civil War? (Another Good Reason NOT to Intervene in Syria)

BND, the German intelligence service claims they can confirm Assad’s use of chemical weapons. BND operates a communications intelligence-gathering ship off the coast in that area (pictured at right.) Previously, BND handled “Curveball,” a key source of disinformation about the Iraq war. Prince Bandar is alleged to have armed the rebels with chemical weapons. The political developments are benefiting Germany and the Underground Reich.

What’s 20 Trillion Dollars Between Friends? McGraw-Hill and Petroleum Price Fixing (Now THIS Is a Scandal!)

The biased American news media–ANYTHING but liberal–continue to obsess on the so-called scandals that are enmeshing Obama’s administration (as we predicted would happen from the day of his election.) The American fourth estate has managed to overlook an apparent $20 trillion oil price rip-off facilitated by a subsidiary of McGraw-Hill, owned by a family that have been political allies of the Bushes for generations.

What Has General Wesley Clark Been Doing since His Retirement?

I.G. Farben’s Fischer-Tropsch process is experiencing an industrial renaissance. In Kosovo, former NATO commander General Wesley Clark is chairman of a company using it to produce synthetic fuel from Kosovo’s coal deposits. Coincidentally (?) the head of NATO peacekeeping forces in Kosovo was the son of Nazi war crminal and Third Reich finance ministry official Fritz Reinhardt.

Strange Twist in the Clements Murder Case

The chief suspect in the murder of Colorado Corrections chief Tom Clements was affiliated with white-supremacist prison gangs, according to authorities. Now comes the news that the suspect’s father was close friends with and a campaign contributor to, the governor of Colorado.

Who and/or What is Behind the Fetullah Gulen Organization?

Big in the US, Gulen organization accused of dirty tricks, CIA/Islamist/Pan-Turkist affiliations. Is a “neo-Ottoman Empire” the goal?

The Al-Dura Hoax: Another Judicial Ruling in the Case of Philippe Karsenty

Overwhelming evidence that Israeli killing of Palestinian boy in 2000 was a hoax. Litigation moving through French courts.

Say Goodbye to Peak Oil, for The Time Being

Peak Oil a fascist philosophy and marketing gambit for the fossil fuel companies. Recent disclosures indicate that the fears associated with that philosophy are unfounded.

Fascists in Russian Anti-Putin Coalition: Whither the Oil Rich and Largely Muslim Caucasus?

Anti-Putin Russian coalition includes prominent fascists, including Alexei Navalny. One wonders what effect this will have on the largely Muslim Caucasus?

GOP Endorses Nazi Fischer/Tropsch Process

Nazi-linked GOP endorses I.G. Farben’s Fischer/Tropsch process in order to reduce U.S. dependence on foreign oil/fossil fuels. Who will get the licensing fees for application of process?

Good Ol’ Saudi Arabia . . .

Saudi security forces touting the progress they have made in combating “black magic.” Saudi security forces are TRAINED in how to combat it! Do we need allies like THAT?!