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Parting Shot from “Der Panzerkardinal”: Keeping Scandal Hidden (Under the Rock of St. Peter)

The history of the Vatican Bank, the IOR, is inextricably linked with scandal and the history of the Holy See’s involvement with fascism. The outgoing Pope has named a German member of the Knights of Malta to head that institution. (The Knights of Malta or SMOM is, basically, the military wing of the Vatican.) Ratzinger/Benedict’s selection is Ernst von Freyberg, a member of the board of Blohm & Voss, the German shipmaker and manufacturer of warships for Hitler and the Federal Republic of Germany.

Ratzinger Leaves the Ship

A caretaker Pope, Benedict XVI presided over numerous inquiries into Vatican malfeasance. His resignation raises the question as to what will follow. Steeped in the Vatican’s long-standing relationship with fascism, the outgoing Pope presided over a whitewash of Pius XII’s involvement with the Third Reich and a blunting of inquiries into the molestation scandals unfolding around the world.

Seymour Hersh: Joint Chiefs of Staff Dominated by Knights of Malta, Opus Dei

“New York Times” journalist Seymour Hersh maintains that U.S. Joint Chiefsof Staff are dominated by officers belonging to, or sympathetic to the Knights of Malta and/or Opus Dei.

Gay Theologian Expounds on the Church’s Homophobia and Shift to the Right

Comment: A recent Spiegel article recorded the observations of  David Berger, a gay former Catholic priest. Berger discussed homophobia in the Church and among its powerful supporters, as well as the Church’s political lurch to the right. Interview With Gay Theologian David Berger: ‘A Large Proportion of Catholic Clerics and Trainee Priests Are Homosexual’”; Spiegel […]

Vatican Bank Chief’s Free-Market Ideology and Opus Dei Background

Comment: Ettore Gotti Tedeschi–head of the Vatican Bank–espoused the free-market ideology that led to the crash of 2008. Tedeschi has also advised then Cardinal Ratzinger and helped him write an economic thesis. (Ratzinger became, of course, Pope Benedict.) Not surprisingly, Tedeschi  is a member of Opus Dei, the fascist lay Catholic order that has been […]

Links Between IHH (the Flotilla Sponsor) and “neo-Ustache” in Croatia

Comment: The Balkans offices of IHH–the Turkish NGO that sponsored the Flotilla incident in May–are in Zagreb, Croatia. In that locationl, the organization was able to coordinate the attack against the Serbs with the Croatian “neo-Ustache” of Franjo Tudjman. Listeners are encouraged to access the vast volume of information about the Balkans wars to flesh […]

Vatican Bank Being Investigated for Money Laundering

Comment: For many years, we’ve looked at the Vatican Bank–the IOR (Institute for Religious Works.) Long a vehicle for the financing of fascism and criminal undertakings, the institution has FINALLY come under investigation for money laundering. (The Vatican Bank was discussed at length in AFA #18.) “Vatican Bank ‘Investigated over Money Laundering”; BBC News; 9/21/2010. […]

Vatican Lawyer for Abuse Case Defended the Vatican Bank in Holocaust Suit

Comment: In the recently re-aired FTR #508, we examined the ascension of Pope Benedict, whose election came at a time when unfolding Vatican scandals threatened to unravel, revealing that institution’s darker side for the blood-soaked horror show that it truly is. Available evidence suggests that Ratzinger/Benedict is a product of the Vatican/fascist axis so exhaustively […]

New Archbishop of L.A. a Spanish Member of Opus Dei

Comment: With Latin influence in the U.S. rising with the growth of the American Spanish-speaking population, it is both interesting and significant that the Pope selected a member of the reactionary, fascist-connected Opus Dei to be the Archbishop of Los Angeles. This appointment continues a pattern of convergence between the Vatican and Opus Dei dating […]

FTR #696 Miscellaneous Articles and Updates

Japanese prime minister publicly discusses the M-Fund, a decisive link between Japanese conquest during World War II and its postwar politics; Italian prime minister Berlusconi linked to the Mafia; Christian fundamentalist organization The Family promoting fascism from the 1930’s on.