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Man sickened by ricin is arrested

Released from Las Vegas hospital, he faces toxin, weapons charges AP LAS VEGAS – An unemployed graphic designer who authorities believe was nearly killed by ricin was arrested Wednesday on federal charges that he possessed the deadly toxin as part of an “exotic idea,” never carried out, to poison his enemies. Roger Bergendorff, who authorities […]

FTR #612 Miscellaneous Articles and Updates

Recorded September 23, 2007 MP3: Side 1 | Side 2 REALAUDIO Beginning with discussion of Iranian president Ahmadinejad’s recent appearance at Ivy League Columbia University in New York, the program highlights the disturbing similarity to a past president of that university’s embrace of fascism. Just as Nicholas Murray Butler was dismissive of concerns that fascism […]

FTR #533 The Florida-Argentine Connection: Another Helluva Conspiracy Theory

Recorded November 13, 2005 Listen: MP3  Side 1  Side 2 REALAUDIO Introduction: In this broadcast, we examine some important and revealing connections of Jeb Bush and Katherine Harris to figures associated with an episode in Argentina’s “dirty war” of the 1970’s and the cover-up of the AMIA bombing of 1994. In addition, the program delineates the […]

FTR #510 Deadly Echoes—I Told You So, Part II

Comparing ruminations in 2000 on the probable results of a George W. Bush presidency with the outcome of his first four-plus years in office.

FTR #508 The Vatican Rag, Part II: Der Panzerkardinal

German Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger—dubbed “Panzerkardinal” by wags because of his reactionary views.

FTR #504 The Vatican Rag, Part I: Reflections on the Death of the Pope

Deep politics surrounding the Vatican’s relationship to fascism, and how that determined the character of John Paul II’s reign.

AFA 35: The December Surprise

Linking the December, 1988 bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 to Iran-Contra cover-up.

FTR #445 The Bush Family & the Intelligence Community

Kevin Phillips’ book ‘American Dynasty.’

FTR #340 Mein Jihad: Islamofascism and Geopolitics

Muslim Brotherhood, precursor to al Qaeda and Hamas, fulfills Hitler’s dream; Muslim SS division revived in 1990s.

FTR #326 Our Mothers Shall But Laugh to See Their Babes Halved Before Their Eyes

The terrorist blitzkrieg of September 11, 2001.