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FTR #819 Proxy War and the Earth Island Boogie (What the Hell Does Dave Emory Mean by “Underground Reich?,” Part 3)

Author Peter Levenda has posted an article (excerpted from his recent book) that encapsulates significant elements of discussion presented by Mr. Emory and featured on this website. Noting Imperial Germany’s use of Islamic proxy warriors during the First World War and Nazi Germany’s incorporation of the same stratagem, Levenda notes that Nazi elements have continued to use Muslim proxy warfare to advance the goals of what Mr. Emory calls the Underground Reich. Having incorporated many important elements of Nazi Germany’s national security establishment into its own after World War II, the United States has co-opted the tactic of proxy war. To its detriment, the U.S. has failed to grasp that the Underground Reich and its Islamist proxies have their own agendas. Those agendas feature the defeat of the United States as a centerpiece of long-term strategy. Concluding with an examination of recent American military involvement, the program notes that much of what we are doing actually benfits Germany and occurs in areas formerly belonging to the Ottoman Empire.

FTR #787 The Muslim Brotherhood Spring (I Told You So)

We recall the tsunami of praise, Hosannas and Hal­lelu­jahs gush­ing forth from the world’s media and polit­i­cal punditry, hail­ing the “Arab Spring” as the dawn­ing of a new enlight­en­ment in that part of the world, they missed the boat–-fundamentally. We, on the other hand, were warn­ing that this phe­nom­e­non was an Underground Reich oper­a­tion. Events in Egypt and Turkey have borne out our hypothesis in grimly convincingly fashion.

FTR #782 All’s Well That’s Orwell, Part 2: The Ministry of Truth and the Ukrainian Crisis, Part 2 (Schmemann Uber Alles)

The broadcast highlights the Orwellian nature of U.S. media coverage of the events in the Ukraine. In particular, the disgraceful behavior of The New York Times–the CIA’s #1 propaganda asset–is set forth here. The whitewashing of the Nazi and fascist nature of the government in the Ukraine and casual dismissal of accurate Russian claims as “propaganda” by the “Gray Lady” as the Times is known, has set the tone for the rest of our media to resonate with the dictates of our Ministry of Truth. We wonder about the influence in the Times’ coverage of Serge Schmemann, as well as the possible future role of Islamist and Pan-Turkist elements in the crisis.

Update on “Turkish Taffy”

Crushing political and journalistic opposition, the Erdogan government is inextricably linked with the Muslim Brotherhood. Manifesting an Islamist agenda, the regime uses the Fetullah Gulen cult and tracks back to the Al-Taqwa milieu of World War II fascists, terrorists.

Who and/or What is Behind the Fetullah Gulen Organization?

Big in the US, Gulen organization accused of dirty tricks, CIA/Islamist/Pan-Turkist affiliations. Is a “neo-Ottoman Empire” the goal?

Turkish Foreign Minister Pursues Ottoman Irredentist, Islamist and Revisionist Policy Course

COMMENT: In past programs, we’ve asked whether the newly invigorated pan-Turkist movement and Islamism might converge. Just such a development appears to be gaining momentum, with Turkish foreign minister Ahmet Davutoglu having observed  the Muslim holiday of Eid el-Fitr in Bosnia/Herzogovina. In addition to the fact that this former Yugoslavian province was part of the […]

FTR #727 Whither China?

Nobel Peace Prize Winner Liu Xiaobo seeks return to China’s past; foregoing most reforms of the past century, China would surrender its position on the world stage; Liu doing the bid of China’s exporting rival Germany.

FTR #723 Doin’ the Earth Island Boogie

Are GOP/oil industry/Muslim Brotherhood elements undermining Obama’s foreign policy vis a vis Russia? Are these same jihadist elements stirring unrest in Russia and Central Asia? Are they working with the Turkish government?

FTR #720 Update on the Pan-Turkist Movement

Seeking a return to Ottoman Empire glory, Turkic peoples have been used by the Axis and then Western intelligence to promote fascism and destabilize the former USSR, modern Russia and China. Pan-Turkist alliances with fascist elements loom large today.

FTR #635 and #636 Going Native, Parts V and VI

Third Reich political strategy perpetuated by Federal Republic of Germany, “volksgruppenrechte” (the rights of native peoples) aids revanchist national agenda.