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Transcript of Miscellaneous Archive Show M4: “Gloria in Excelsis”

In 1986, we recorded Miscellaneous Archive Show M4, dealing with feminist icon Gloria Steinem’s relationship with the CIA. Recorded at too high a level, the program makes difficult listening. We are publishing a transcript to supplement our FTR series on “Weaponized Feminism.”

FTR #839 Interview (#2) with Peter Levenda about “The Hitler Legacy”

Resuming with, and further developing a key element of discussion highlighted in our previous interview, Peter sets forth “the origins of global jihad.” In the Middle East, the concept of global jihad was developed by German archaelogist Max von Oppenheim during the First World War. Envisioning the world’s Muslims as proxy warriors against the Entente Powers of Britain, France and Russia, von Oppenheim created the template for contemporary Islamic fascism and jihadism. Following the division of the former Ottoman Empire by Britain and France after World War I, the “Arab Street” began manifesting belief in an international global conspiracy involving Jews and the European colonial powers that resonated with the ideological anxieties of European and American power elites, German, in particular. Von Oppenheim’s strategy also employed the concept of “total war,” incorporating violence against civilians as part of the template that became a key feature of Islamist terrorism. The program also notes that, when the Nazi party came to power in Germany, NSDAP ideologues were placed in positions of influence around the world, where they interacted with like minded individuals and institutions. In the U.S., German spies worked closely with interests associated with Henry Ford, including and especially Ukrainian fascists who worked with the Third Reich. The program concludes with an account of Peter’s harrowing visit to the Chilean Nazi outpost Colonia Dignidad, a torture center for the Pinochet dictatorship, an epicenter of Operation Condor, a recipient of global Nazi money and the development site for weapons of mass destruction.

Just a Slip of the Tongue?

Comment: Chilean President Sebastian Pinera recently raised eyebrows by utilizing the old lyric Deutschland uber Alles, banned in Germany after the official collapse of the Third Reich. The world’s first billionaire president, Pinera is Chile’s first right-wing leader since Pinochet, whose cabinet included Pinera’s father Jose. Jose Pinera ” . . . is the architect […]

Sister hopes for answers from Chile

Man vanished during Pinochet regime; woman asking Schwarzenegger for help by Matthew Malinowski Chronicle Foreign Service Santiago, Chile — When Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger meets President Michele Bachelet today in Sacramento, the two leaders are expected to discuss trade and energy issues. But the sister of the lone American citizen still missing from the days of […]

FTR #136 Miscellaneous Stories and Updates

German body politic and “blame game”; operation Condor, Chilean-directed assassination carried out in the U.S.; German and American corporations’ use of slave labor during WWII.

FTR #121 Interview II with Christopher Simpson about The Splendid Blond Beast

International controversy surrounding former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet, installed in a CIA-supported coup in 1973.

FTR #118 Russian Fascism?

Economic privation and national humiliation threaten to propel the Russia into fascism.